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The Kinetic Warbow (in progress) Answered

So I got a lot of responses and It seemed to me that the TR would be the best choice for a gun to integrate with my semi auto.  However I would have to do this in a way that did not obstruct the firing process of the semi auto, and therefore I had to put the turret off to the side.  Using techniques from the D-TAB, I was able to integrate the same bow and, with a turret on each side.  These turrets do not sag like in the original D-TAB, and they can be wound in the same way that KILLERK's most recent TR is wound.  If I can, I will use a Swagboss-like trigger in order to isolate each shot, though only one pin will be pulled back.  Let me know what you think!


The double turrets looks great!
Try to make it perfect. Try to let it shoot as far as the Tr.
I'm serious, if that will come treu then can it possibly be one of the best knex guns ever.

5* for the great idea.

i look forward to this gun if it is completed.

Good luck.

It is completed, but the turrets were removed because I wouldn't have the pieces to finish it with the turrets. I'll have a vid up in a bit.

great ! i only have to see it because i love the turret idea and now it's removed. i look forward to your vid.

The knexsayer is still one of the best :P

Wow this one looks ugly beyond belief. But hey you did a good job with this!

Ugly but it works lol. I have removed the turrets and will be posting just the semi-auto portion within the week. I have a forum up if you want to check it out.

They are the guns like these....that take....soo....many...pieces ...but in the end, its well worth it :)

I just finished it...except it doesn't have the turrets so it should be pretty piece friendly.

Any idea when this will be posted now?

When do you think this will be posted?

i never really saw a point to the NAR no offense just use a TR same gun more shots...
use a good pin like this an it will never break


Oey! How in the world can you not see a point in the NAR? Everyone on here knows what the NAR is capable of doing and what serious damage one of those things can cause.So you don't see the point in the NAR eh? I guess I'll explain since there are too many non-helpful lazy bums on this site (no offense). "The point of the Not A Rectangle or NAR, is that it has a normal TR body without the turret and a connector stock with a pin and a pin guide,so you might just think it's just a stupid single shot with no meaning to it. Whoever thinks that is DEAD wrong as that is NOT the case. A NAR is VERY different from any other gun especially a TR-8/18/36. Anyway, the point is that there's a small chamber in the front with a black ball socket connector(the type of connector you would normally use with a black rod to make firing pins). So, when you have a NAR with it primed and loaded with the firing pin on one side with the trigger blocking its way,and the ammo loaded into the chamber towards the front of the barrel,with the ball socket piece loose inside acting as an energy transfer, you have Tug Of War. The one side with the firing pin has a lot of pressure or tension behind it, and the other side,the barrel front with the ammunition loaded into the chamber resting on top of the socket piece, has little or no pressure/tension behind it. So, which side will win? Well, when the trigger is pulled, it lets go of its blocking position, letting the pin pass through the gun,and then from there........ BANG! The side with the firing pin wins. Because there is more pressure on the pin than the chamber w/ the socket piece or any other part/aspect of the gun. So, when the pin is released from its resting place behind the blocking part of the trigger, it accelerates towards the barrel front with the black socket piece with the ammo resting on top, it hits the black socket. When that happens, energy is transferred from the pin to the black socket,the socket then moves forward, hitting the ammo. And then from there, the ammo flies out with unimaginably dangerous force. That's the point of the NAR,and that's why oodalumps wasn't joking when he said be careful with it. A lot of people thought he was. A lot of people also said shooting rods over 400ft was very unlikely because k'nex are too light weight to even shoot that far, but apparently for some odd reason that's possible with a NAR. I don't know why but it is... somehow, it is.

^ This is very funny because you called the first person to create a definitive K'nex gun a non-helpful person. I guarantee this community (And I use that term in a very loose sense) would look very different right now if he hadn't posted his first weapon all those years ago.

On the topic of the NAR, it is fairly pointless in the context of a 'war' because at the distance is shoots further than a TR8 etc, you are just pissing in the wind. These weapons are accurate at 50 feet maximum. You are better off with 8 shots than one that you can fire slightly further but still have very little chance of hitting.

You don't really need a gun to shoot farther than that, it would be used in a war because of its excessive power.

Are you talking about the not a rectangle or a different gun? I think you mean it would not be used in a war because of its power, more than likely it would be banned.

i know what a NAR is and how it works i just don't see a point... TR serves the same purpose only more shots... the breaking point of the NAR/TR series is the firing pin... you can only load up so many bands before the firing pin (when charged) will bend/break/snap in half... with a good firing pin like the one i had pictured above it won't break so the purpose of the NAR isn't necessary in my personal opinion thats all im saying... as a matter of fact i think its a great single shot gun but then again so is the TR if you feel like loading it up one at a time
and as for shooting 400ft thats not too far off what a TR shoots... im not arguing im just stating my opinion


Ya I know. I'm not arguing either, just thought I'd help you see the point more clearly that's all. But it's like what mepain said in the comment below, the point of it is that you can put more bands on the pin than you can pull back without fear of the pin deflecting (bending) or possibly even breaking. I have a NAR and it's constructed with both black and tan rods so it's really strong, it has a connector stock (your stock design but with the yellow cons instead of the black rods) it doesn't have a standard TR trigger instead, it has your new trigger, it also has a detachable fore grip that is snapped together with tan rods ( strengthened red rods ) I do not use reds and grays for construction of my guns, I use black rods and tan rods for that, and I use red rods and gray rods for ammo. Then it has a detachable vertical fore grip in front of the normal fore grip so I can steady my aiming hand more freely, it also has these little green/black rods snapped into place on both sides of the barrel to act as ammo holders, and I have 2 pairs of additional ammo holders attached to the back of the connector stock on the blue rods, 4 ammo holders, 2 ammo holders on both sides of the stock. The ones on the top(both sides) are a row of those golden orange connectors with the prongs snapped together with 4 black rods, those are used to hold oodammo. the ones on the bottom(both sides) are the same row of golden orange connectors, but are snapped together with 4 tan rods and are much shorter than the ones on top and are used to hold fin ammo. Anyways, my NAR is shooting a scary range of 190 yards (370ft) with 11 bands on the pin right now. Trust me, a NAR can hold way more bands than you think, and can definitely hold more bands than a TR can..... you try and put 11 bands on your TR-8 and tell me what happens. You should try and build a NAR and see for yourself. And let me know when you do. You will notice a big difference once you build one of them my friend. I've actually been here awhile too, people just don't know who I am because I'm on a different account right now and this is not my real account, but I'll give you a hint of what it is: the name of my real account starts with the letter "S".

I am but I can't shoot a video right now. The only thing I could do is present you some photographic proof of my NAR, but I can't do that either cause I'm real busy and preoccupied at the moment. One thing you must understand is that it's not my camera, it's my sister's. It really SUCKS because I have to ask her permission to use her things. But I will get a picture up here don't worry. For now you'll just have to take my word for it.

I don't need evidence, I am interested to see what it looks like. I believe you made it.

Thanks. I might get a picture up on here today if I have time. Ya it pretty much looks like KILLERK'S version of the Not A Rectangle. lol, at least someone believes me. :)

Yeah because you put the tape on the ball socket. With me, over 7 bands resulted in the death of the piece.

ha ha yeah that will sometimes happen with bands of the wrong tension. Was your socket piece old and worn? Or was it brand new? That's happened to me more than one time. I got so mad because my NAR kept on breaking my sockets every time I put one in there, So I was down to my last socket piece, and I set out to address the issue. Here's what I did and you should do the same if you have another black socket and want to fix this problem: I did 2 things, the additional method isn't necessary but it helps if you want to have easy clearance to the energy transfer piece (black socket) if it breaks. I took a mini hack saw and cut a small green/black rod in half, then I grabbed some sand paper and smoothed down the cut ends of the green rod halves. I took one of the halves and snapped it into a black ball socket, then I got a roll of e-tape and put some tape around the black socket with half a green rod in it. I only wrapped a few layers around the energy transfer piece, 3 to 4 rounds at most no more. If too much tape is added it might not fit in the chamber of your NAR.

Never though about half pieces, thanks. I have a few knocking around.

Your welcome mate. This was originally my idea so it works great for me now, never had one problem with my NAR since then. I just hope it works out for you, and I'd also love to see a picture of your possibly good looking NAR. I can't take a picture of mine now 'cause I have a dentist appointment in 2 hours. But it'll be on here sometime this evening. :)

I don't have a Nar to spare, because I'm perfecting my Custom Zakgun at the moment, but I may try this after the exams, when I have spare time.

Yes! Definitely try this out! The simplest idea from my knowledge and experience with k'nex that I used to fix the most known common form of failure with the Not A Rectangle isn't fake, it actually works! I have 9 bands on my NAR now, I did have 11 bands on it but 2 bands broke so now it's not as powerful as it was before. That didn't affect the range as much though, I'm still clocking finned reds over 400ft with no struggle. These past few days I've been working on a new type of NAR that's more powerful than any other gun I've constructed. All I can say is that it has this indestructable trigger mechanism and an incredibly violent amount of power. And now, I'm going to bore the pants right off of you by telling you the scariest thing I've ever seen or experienced from test firing this power monger: The first time I shot this gun I had nailed a few pieces of high-quality cherry wood, about 5-6 sheets each half a quarter of an inch thick. Any way, I had this set of thrown together wooden boards sitting on my mattress right in front of my bedroom wall. I had about 25 bands on this new NAR that I recently built(anything above 15 bands requires serious hearing protection, as this gun is extremely LOUD both from a distance and at point-blank.) when I shot it it rang my ears real bad and almost made me go deaf because it was so loud it sounded as if someone had set off a pipe bomb in my room. I saw it go through the first four sheets frame by frame but I didn't see it go through the 5th or the 6th, but when I pulled the 5th and 6th sheet away I saw that it had went through those too and the 6th sheet stopped it, but the ammo still had enough force to go through the 6th sheet and put a hole in my bedroom wall.

A. How did you pull that back B. I have guns that break pieces at 3 bands.( the most bands I have put on my guns is 5 my zkar 24 if you count heavy cannon v4. C the NAR only went though cheap 1/2 or 1/4 in pine with half the bands and and more bands don't always mean more penetration. IT's not linear. D. get some photographic proof up now. My moms 3 year old "Dumb" phone has a camera there must be one more camera in your house so get some proof up here. I don't doubt the ranges the penetration is what I doubt and you almost went deaf because if that happened my friend you would be in surgery to have the gun parts removed from you. Knex Are not that strong.

A. They are if you know how to piece an idea together with k'nex that's really destructive. And just because a nar shoots through cheap pine with 15 bands doesn't mean it's an object not to be scared of. Things like these are very dangerous and should never be taken lightly. Like a potato cannon, a nar is just a major bomb in your hands waiting to go off. B. It's not called cheap pine because it's a pos material that holds no balance of structure, it's called that because it's more price efficient, more affordable, as most types of wood these days are VERY, very expensive. And the fact that pine wood is what most houses are made out of, and in some parts of a home plywood might be used for like the floors of it and stuff like that. C. I think I made myself perfectly clear several comments above when I just said this gun I'm working on has a free-moving pin that takes NO effort to be drawn back, why? Because it would take a lot of energy to pull back 25 bands,which would be purely impossible for a pin to hold back that much force. So I figured I could use a dual rubberband catch that could hold back that many bands, and the only form of firing mechanism that would never fail and came close with the ability of holding back that kind of power was a ratchet. I'm using different ideas from different people's designs to perfect my own. I will give credit to those that deserve it once I'm finished and fully content with the final product. D. I only have one camera and I can't use it because it's dead at the moment, and you're not my friend, you never was my friend and you never will be. For someone who would be relentless enough to leave me a reply, I could actually care less if you were. I know that must be a lot to handle cause it's harsh, but I'm always gonna be dropping it cold on somebody I hardly know. You'd have to impress me by showing me something wicked that would blow my mind in order for me to be your friend. For example, the guns that Kinetic makes are always gonna have me all souped up and blown away. That's why I hang around here alot. And that's why I'd be more than happy to be his friend because he keeps me going with his crazy inventions. :p

It was real pine that was 1/4 inch thick look it up on here. I know you are not my friend and never will be it's a figure of speech. So the basically gun has 2 ratchets that release the bands that then hit the pin?

That's what I was getting at from the start, in the wrong hands a nar could kill somebody. That's why it's not a toy, but some people think it's a toy cause it's built from one but a toy cannot be a toy if it's capable of shooting through pine wood with 10 bands. Yes, that would be the point of this gun.

So is my under standing of how it works right?

I got it to 180 max with 8 bands. Around 225 angled. He is shooting it angled I guess.

I think it's plausible. He told me he uses a half green peg in the ball socket at the front, and a couple of layer of tape. That, and a strong front barrel, lots of the right type of band, say 15+ bands, then yes 400ft is possible...

Thank you for explaining the capabilities of the Not A Rectangle, Foof. I'm sorry I've been unresponsive for a few days, that's only because I'm getting more pieces ( brand spanking new pieces) shipped to my house. So, it'll be awhile before I can shoot a video. And I see you made one mistake, I think quite a few people know that 15 bands is the limit for NAR's. Any more than 15 bands and you risk breaking your pin, and could get injured from flying pieces of plastic shrapnel. But none the less, I have a NEW NAR that I had mentioned once before and it,will eliminate this problem. I will not give specific details on this gun because A: It's still under construction and therefore an incomplete work-in-progress, and B: I want this to be a surprise to the k'nex community when it's done so I can blow you all away with my new innovative NAR. All I can tell you about it for now is that it has an indestructible dual trigger catch system that can hold INCREDIBLE amounts of tension. I was going to go with a single trigger catch but I was afraid that it would let go of the bands if too much force was applied, so I'm going with a double, I figured it would be stronger. And it has a pin design that moves freely.And KILLERK thinks that the nar and tr are the same. well he's right, they are. But as for the tr and nar having the same band capacity is just rubbish. A tr's pin breaks at 7 bands and a nar's pin breaks at 16 bands. Yes, I realize that they are the same in energy transfer similarities, but why can't the very few k'nexers that don't see a point of the nar notice that a nar has had its fame of holding up to 15 bands and always has the ability to be more powerful than a tr? But I guess they don't because they like to argue and turn a blind eye every time they try to see the point of the nar. Not trying to be mean, but I recognize this as a form of incompetence and stupidity, saying that a tr and a nar have the same band capacity in which they clearly do not! Ah bugger it's getting late, I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow ...... maybe.

The possible max range for a NAR is about 450ft, so I don't think it's unlikely that a NAR could gain 20 extra feet with the benefit of 11 bands. You don't have to believe me if you don't want to,but that's the reading I was getting yesterday out in the plains. Yes, I was in an area where there was actually 2 fields and they both ran about 300ft each, I live in an area where there's a lot of grassy fields. But yeah, it was like this: 465,468,468,474,469,473,471 so I rounded it off to 470. That was as close as I could get for an accurate measure. I used measuring tape and a calculator and those ^ where the distances I got. I think the reason why it shooting that far is because one day I wrapped e-tape around the black socket, I guess to prevent the socket from breaking with so many bands on the pin. That and I broke the the tan rod on one side of the barrel so I can have access to the ball socket.

red rod w/ e-tape fins and a few layers e-tape on the front of the red rod to act as a weight.

Okay when you had said rods earlier I was thinking at first just rods no tape which is impossible. Can you get a video?

Not at the moment, no. But I may do one later on. I just recently found out this afternoon that my sister's camera doesn't work right now. Sorry. :(