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Just a Thought Answered

Hello everyone, I'd like to share a thought that occurred to me. It appears to me that there are really only 3 main qualities of a knex gun:
-Fire rate
-Ease of use
Now out of these three we have already maxed out range with slingshots and the NAR. Now we need to work on maxing out the other two through semi autos and such and we will have truly revolutionary weapons. Then we can start combining multiple elements and creating easy to use semi-auto slingshots and such. I just wanted to share these thoughts with the community.



There are usually only one statistic in knex guns.
For example, srv2: range and range only.
MAR 3: rate of fire.
TDS: ease of use.

These are just examples.
Of course, you do get all around guns like the tr18,
Because it gets all of the statistics listed, it is used a lot in wars.
But when you hit something like the z35, you just get a bad range, okay rate of fire and reasonable ease of use.
The only reason that gun is popular is because a bunch of new members saw the features and thought: oh my god! Sliding chamber door, locking bipod, different mags! Don't bother building, just post "awesome gun" on every step and hope someone sees!

That is rather common these days, so you end up building a gun that everybody rates 5* and fire it and think: well that was a waste of time!
It's like reading an advert from DFS and buy one of their sofas and when you sit on it, it breaks.

I love the Z35 but I do agree with you. However it's features are being refined by others and used on their guns so it was more of a proof of concept than a war gun. And if someone posts a decent gun with breech loading, side loading, chamber loading, lever action loading with good range or it loads like a fixed mag or single shot bolt action gun I would build it. Anyone post links if you know of guns like this.

Very much agreed, thank you for the comment. Really the only guns I've been building lately have been just proof concept guns so I can get some mechanisms out there so that they can be perfected. Through this, we can eventually combine multiple elements into one gun and really max them out. Then we'd have things like semi-autos that have a 60 foot range and the like, that's really what I'm getting at here.

Granted your wish, bro.


I think we have maxed out the other 2 with the handle pump TR and single shots. Really fire rate comes down to human reaction time, most people can pretty much get a round out of the handle pump TR in less than a second. Not to mention that it's easy to reload and shoot.

By fire rate, I was refrencing more to semi auto because that completely eliminates the pulling back of the pin.

I honestly don't mind pulling the pin back in a knex war. With guns like the ZKAR and the Handle pump TR you can do that as fast as pulling the average semi auto trigger.

Ease of use is a problem. Sure, it gets good fire rate, but the handle pump TR is hard to fix if a band snaps or the ram guide breaks.

The only main quality I think about is looks and comfortability