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Just another day at Instructables/Squid Labs with a giant inflatable Tyvek geodesic dome Answered

Here, tetranitrate works on his next boundary-pushing project while menaced by an inflatable Tyvek geodesic dome build by Pete Lynn, of kiteboarding fame, for this year's Burning Man.


Hello, nice job! I have a couple questions for you... I am attempting to use tyvek to make some inflatable things and have done some research and found out that just doing a zigzag stitch on the edges may work to keep the air in. Is that the case with your dome? or is there an adhesive along every seam? Also, how do you go about inflating it? a fan? a pump? Do you have any warnings to throw at me as I begin this large project? Thanks, any info is helpful,

So how do you enter and exit without it going flat?

There's a zipper at the door. It has enough air that if you move quickly, it doesn't deflate much at all while you're going in and out. I've been trying to convince Pete to make a double-skinned version that would only be pressurized between the skins and atmospheric pressure in the center of the dome.

Yeah, my first thought is that you had made a double skinned thing with only the walls inflated. Thats pretty cool though that it works with just a single wall.


10 years ago

What is that things purpose?

inflatable? damn that is cool, and very clever.

Is this an actual dome you can live in or just something to make people ask you what the F**** it is in sheer confuzzlement? *btw, plz don't ban me for that, just being sarcastic*

I think you've unintentionally summed up Burning Man in one sentence. So, yes, it's both.

*Drops jaw*...trying to figure what this Burning man you speak of is...


10 years ago

Buckminster Fuller would be proud! My neighbor goes to Burning Man every year.