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Just click this sentence now. Answered

So there is no reason at all for this forum so why are you even reading it. Just kidding there's a reason for everything. Okay so if you replay to this then i will get and email saying that i have a new comment on instructables. I have never had more that like 16 new emails at once because i check it quite frequently. so i ask that you reply because i thought it would be funny to get so many reply's that i have like at least 80-100 new messages. thank you for your consideration. (hunger games reference)


You are going about it wrong. You just need to edit the title of your forum topic "If you could ask God one question, would she support the 2nd Amendment and have her son play football while doing the laundry after a long day of creating the universe?" Yeah, that should do it.

kids these days!
I remembered back in the early days of the internet (way before facebook and youtube) you actually had to work at trolling.

I remember back in the days when all there was was the telephone LOL....and then the desktop introduced the B.B. Fun days when you got online when you figured out all the parameters, pulse, stops, numbers to dial out to....back when I was able to do some Assembly language programming......I kind of miss some of the stuff of those days...

You are not alone! Many people lucky enough to use bulletin boards in those days are networking to bring some of those "simple" ways to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

It is sad how desperate someone must be for some kind of human interaction!

This is more like electronic pixel action LOL

So, is there an achievement for getting 80 new messages somewhere? Cause...wtf?

And "wtf" means what the fudge...

And...hopefully this'll make 3 emails for you.

If you change your settings, it will limit your emails to a single daily summary anyway - far more convenient.