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Just found 13 small glass fish bowls...i don't want to put fish in them, What do i do with them? Answered

Just wanting to find a cool use for these. Maybe even to give as gifts this christmas.


Make 3D models of cells using thees instructions http://www.pioneerthinking.com/tt_gelcandles.html but without the Wicks.

where did u find all those? behind a pet store?

I was taking out the trash at my apartment complex and there was a box full of them. So I snagged them! I'm guessing they were center pieces at a wedding or something.

I would say etch it with armour etch, like [https://www.instructables.com/id/freehand-glass-etching/ this instructable] and then fill them with some nice beads or flowers, or something. :)
You can get a 3 oz. bottle for around $7 and it's re-useable.

i found a few the other day..... i'm using them to keep money and change i find and i have like 10 dollars so far =)  i would be happy if someone gave me a bowl full of money for christmas =) 

You could plant succulents in the proper soil and some rocks.
Or fill with river rocks, sand, shells, or right now, brightly colored or silver Christmas ornaments. Or pinecones. Ooh, I wish I had some!

Make little cages for them out of wire, hang the cages with wire or chain over your dining room table in a decorative pattern, put candles in the fishbowls. For even more fun, put colored water in the bowls and use floating candles.

 fill them with candy and give as gifts.

Have an avante garde dinner party and use them as wine glasses ;-) 

Fill with something colorful. Marbles or other colored glass. Beads. Layers of colored sand/sand-painting. Goldfish crackers.

Use as vase or planter. If you get the right plant, you might be able to "plant" it in a bed of marbles, combining this with the earlier idea. (Devil's Ivy, aka Pothos, does surprisingly well growing hydroponically, with a bit of fertilizer occasionally added to the water.)

Use as display globe for fragile artwork.