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Just found out: Clean inside of a thermos - Simple! Answered

I just had to clean my thermos prior the tournament tomorrow. A quick peek inside revealed some stubborn residue. Propably furring (chalky deposits) from the boiling water i use to make tea in them... (we have quite "hard" water with lots of calcium).

The throat of the bottle (Full-metal thermos) was too narrow for normal cleaning-brushes...
I fortunately had a bag of rice standing around and thought  "Hm... Hard and small things"!
So i quickly added half a handfull of dry rice in the thermos and a bit of cold water (2-3 spoons).
Then i shook it a bit and poured the rice out.
The inside was quite clean and almost "pristine" again.
This method should also work for thermoscans with glass-interiors.

Another (better) way of doing that is propably (but ONLY if you have a METAL-Interior!) to add a hand of sand or fine gravel with some wather (Maybe even a bit of dishsoap) and give it a shake.
Again: Only do the sand/gravel if your thermos does not have a glass-interior!!

Have fun and enjoy a good drink while outside! :)



5 years ago

Sounds very similar to a method used to clean glass coffee pots: fill with ice cubes/chips and lots of table salt. The salt crystals scour the pot interior when swished around with the ice.

Cool you found another method!

Its da smoke

5 years ago

Fill 1/2 full with warm (not hot) water and add 2 Efferdent Denture Cleaning Tablets,let disolve and fill completele with warm water and let it sit for an hour or so,empty and rinse with hot water.
I've done this for years and it works great.
NOTE:DO NOT screw cap on while using this process!

OrngrimmBobblehead Einstein

Reply 5 years ago

Well... Then this will become my first! :)

Gna... A forum-dweller trys to write an 'ible. Disaster awaits! ;)


5 years ago

You should write this up as a proper instructable!