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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just look at this and respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

Will someone give me an idea or fantasy i can try to build out of knex because i have no clue what to build.



11 years ago

i liked the can dispenser. make more helpful machinery! maybe something that is gerbil powered too. how about a panning system for stop motion animation? you'd mount your camera to the knex fixture, and have some kind of track system to move the camera and shoot more frames along a path.

i dont got that kind of technology at my house, if i wanted i could cuz my dad is an elecrical engeneer and so i dought he will help me

these can be all knex. the 3d printer could use knex cards to program the x & y axes - could get a bit comlex. the camera-panning system would be the easiest one.

i made a shelf out of k'nex in grade 4 that could hold over 30 pounds....so if i made that in grade 4 i think you can make a one....try and aim for the highest weight possible

Hey how about a tape dispenser! That would kick any other old tape dipensers butt any day!

anything but another gun. Bookshelf. Be ambitious.

knex monkey? i jus made a tank

i dont know how bout a ipod case

How about a bowler hat with sleeves:-)

"If you can imagine it, you can build it!" says the Knex slogan.

an airhockey puck, wich is made of a ventilater, wich hold its self in the air!

A chair made of knex that has gun turrets on either side