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Just returned from the hospital..... Answered

Last night at work, I started having chest pains and pressure, and so spent the night in the hospital getting it checked out.   AFAIK, it turned out not to be heart related, but they still want to run a stress/echo-C test just to be sure. At this point, we are not sure what caused the pain/pressure for 14 hours.  But it is good to know it is probably NOT my heart :-) 

ADDENDUM: .the Heart Cath, prep and procedure take up much of a day's time (started at 10 am and got out of the hospital by 4:45 PM). And I was completely wiped out mentally and physically by then.
All went fairly well, they found one artery about 70% clogged but not enough apparently to need a balloon or stent (shrug), so I will be "watched" for awhile. So, thankfully, no "extended" stay at the hospital this time around. I will be going back to work in Monday even.


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It "could" have been read either way though, eh? :-)

So far, so good :-) The partially blocked artery is not bad enough for them to consider "doing anything about it" mainly because insurance won't PAY for the fix, until it is absolutely necessary (at heart attack time, after damage is already done, or just prior to one). Health care can really suck at times.

*shakes head* I wish I could understand the logic in that.... The family member I mentioned before has been in and out of hospital the past week and may be sent to a larger hospital further away to see specialists. She has a pump in her chest to run a faulty heart valve. They might have to replace the valve or the whole heart; but this has been going on for so long, that the famous answer is, "well we could have done _____ , but there's too much damage now..." - I mean really??? It costs more money for people to get sicker than it would to just fix people when they have the chance. - OK. I'm done ranting now......

Yep, it's like insurance taking on contraceptive prices, when it costs SO much more to pay for all the babies.....ah, people sometimes LOL

Ya. When my son was 18 months old, I was taking university classes and working, as a single-mom, but I needed additional financial help. I was told they wouldn't help me unless I quit my job and went on welfare... ? o_0 ?
(I ended up taking a loan).

I'd say "there's no THOUGHT" involved. To think means concession...ACK ! I'd have to MAKE A DECISION ! Nope, rather let the mindless law do that FOR ME. Bah, governments....

I hate roller coasters, I'm one of those people who easily get motion sickness. :P

I don't get motion sickness, but when you get older, like me, you start to FEAR DYING :-) and it's no fun anymore

Angina? Your vitals? Sometimes hospitals do tests just to make extra money .....if you need an EKG they might go all out and do everything and that puts more stress on the patient. ECSPECIALLY a heart patient


EKG's were never "bad" for me, even before my heart operation 3 years ago (double bypass) for an 85% blockage at a branch in my artery. It was a stress test and echo that showed the blockage.

They did the tests, as they said, because of my "history" :-)

Yes, one for cholesterol and of course 81 mg aspirin, and 2 hypertension meds. Come the 14th, I will know if they want to change anything else.

Wow, the asprin is probably the best medicine you can be taking out of all of them ! I always carry one or two around if someone is having heart attack ill have them chew it up fast.

Yes that and the cholesterol lowering med (lipator or the generic I believe)

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry to hear you had such a rough night. That must have been terrifying. I'm glad they don't think its heart related, and that they are wise enough to run additional tests to be sure. It sounds like your in good hands. Try and get some rest and take the doctors advice. Nothing is as important as your health.

- Take Care

Well my first "double bypass" was caught before a heart attack, so I have been very lucky so far. Sleeplessness is the worst of it at this point. :-)

Scary stuff, but clearly you have a little angel on your shoulder. ;)

lol... ;) Not partial to things on your shoulder?

Nor am I unless it is something in front of me where I can see it :-)  Then I would even hold a tarantula or scorpion :-) 

A bug.jpg

*sigh* inconclusive results - cath scheduled for tomorrow - if blockage is found - I stay - if none, I can return to work on Monday.

Ugh, they sure know how to prolong the suspense! In medical terms "inconclusive" is an oxymoron... Hopefully the cath turns up nothing.

Unless you were looking for a mini-vaycay...? ;)

well a blockage WAS found but not enough for a stent nor ballooning (or any surgery at this point).

So aside from monitoring, will you need to go on medication? Its good news that you don't need any invasive procedures, but 70% doesn't sound great. (?)

Then again, I am no heart specialist. ;)

I am already on some...so pending a change with the followup I have on the 14th, I won't know until then...

Ah! The typical "waiting game" begins... I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but I have a family member who's been dealing with some serious heart related issues, has had major surgery, may need a transplant and she's only 46. Doctors always seem to find a way for people to "wait". :(

:-) Thank you! And my personal demon thanks you as well :->

at least LR didn't try to kill it with a baseball bat LOL


6 years ago

Good luck. I'm glad you didn't ignore the symptoms and "gut it out."

(I know what it feels like to be over 50...kinda like the warranty just ran out ;-).

Nice way of putting it gmoon... ;)

it would have been bad if ...kinda like the warranty just ran out...and it was made in Detroit.

Like my motorcycle. Which most people assume was made in Milwauke.

TY: *sigh* inconclusive results though - cath scheduled for tomorrow - if blockage is found - I stay - if none, I can return to work on Monday.