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KAST R3 Answered



are there broken parts on here?

Yeah. probably around Christmas. I didn't have enough time this week.


8 years ago

I actually like this quite a bit!
One thing I'd like to see, though, is some sort of internal mag pusher. Other than that, though, great job! *4

Yeah i would like that too, but it would be hard to make.

And not even needed.  I like external mag pushers better since they give a general indication of how many rounds are left.

True. But I don't like the way it's wobbly, and makes it difficult to prop your gun up on a ledge, or something like that.

If your rubberbands are tight, its less wobbly.  Don't prop your gun up with the mag, prop it up where the fake barrel is.

Yeah, I guess, but I usually have little to no fake barrel on my guns.

Why dont you like fake barrels?

I prefer guns to be small. Plus it just seems like a waste of pieces to me.

I like them because on some guns it looks better, and it gives you a place for a foregrip.

...True. But it'd have to be pretty durn big.

Thats very true. Thats one of the only good things about them

Looks kinda like the Z35. But it's still good. Post if you want.

Looks sweet.  Nothing postworthy however.

You're one to talk. When we say that you are always like "but {insert reason here)"}

Because I've seen this kind of gun many times before.  Not even storing mags in the stock is impressive.  However, at a second glance, it looks a bit more well designed than the others I've seen that are similar, I even like the scope. 

I change my mind, post if you want.

I've seen the mag in the stock like once before. (Besides bullpup guns)
Also, with oodammo guns like yours and others I could say the same thing. There is only so much we can do with knex you know.....

Oh well.  I still talk anyways.  If you don't like it feel free to sit with your thumb up your bum knowing you can't do anything about it.

very nice i will build just the mag looks odd but none-the-less 4.5*

I tried making one for larger rounds but it didn't work correctly. I might retry that after I post and upgrade this to a version 2 (I have other ideas for it too).


8 years ago

post! id make it! 5*

I'm gonna... I'm gonna try to start getting pictures..

i like it 4.5* ,i really like how you can store a mag in the stock


8 years ago

Wow... this is outstanding!