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KAST R4 Answered

I would like to show you pictures of the second version of my KAST R3. The KAST R4 is a CQB style weapon.
It's more powerful, has upgraded sights, is really compact, has the mag in the stock like the first gun, removable mags, etc.
Unfortunately it doesn't have a ram guide (in development), and is less accurate.
The first pics are the R4, the last is the R3.
You can find a short video of it shooting on my photobucket. I will make a better video later.






8 years ago

The smaller one is definately way better.

Yeah. I have them online, but not in an ible yet.

With some mods, this could easily become a halo SMG replica.

Tell you what, Post it, and I'll mod it a few months later.  I have my own stuff to work on and then school and a few more knex projects (just thought of plans for an AR-4 v4 and a longbow v3).

Okay. Well I might just post a very detailed slide show I'm not sure yet.

If I knew the trigger mech and the insides of the barrle/magazine part, I could make from the pictures.

its cool!
but i still like the other one more.

i like the stock better,and the scope.
and the r3 looks cooler

Okay. They are both cool in my opinion. But thanks for the info.

no problem.
but i mean that the k3 looks better in my eyes

oke,i just builded your k3!
its a realy great gun!
its deadly accurate,powerfull,and looks very cool!

Thanks! Please rate it and I am going to post the R4 as soon as I can.

is it the first of your ibles,that ever rated higher then 4*?

A simple modification of the stock and a lengthening of the barrel would make the R4 look a lot more like the R3.


8 years ago

cool! post! 5*

Oh I will, but I am going to change a few things first.

Yup. I'm also going to hopefully get a few more pics soon.

YEAH, post, I loved the R3, It is in my favorite list and that's not nothing, I have very few instructables as my favorite!