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My absoulte fave to confuse people is to wait till there away from there machine and perform the trusty old Shift+Alt+PrtScr. Don't know what it does??? Try it now

there are also the keys that flip the screen if you have intel graphics card

when you want a card that is exactly enough to run smoothly the desktop 3d effects in linux and does not kill watts like incandescent lamp - intel is the way writing from pc with intel onboard card

My absolute favorite is Winkey+M. It minimizes all windows, so if you are playing a full screen game but want to check 'ibles or AIM real fast, you can just hit Win+M and come right back. This also helps with games with nag screens. I just winM them and then rightclick close.

I like it! I always used to use Alt+Tab to switch between pages

Or windows D it lets you see your desktop

or windows tab in vista (ctrl tab works differently but works too).

muahahaha, thats in my folder of 100 wallpapers

im linux user and dont know much windows tricks - sorry for providing mostly linux-only tricks internet explorer and konqueror (and probably all surfboards in all systems) : F6 to type into address bar all systems : many things can be done with the moue wheel without clicks. try it on dropdown boxes / tabs in surfboard / the speaker icon in the taskbar / the line size thing in paint / much more windows : hold shift to prevent automatic startp of inserted cdrom (alter 2 shifts to avoid the accessibility settings window) internet surfboards and other apps : select different amount of text by double / triple / quad click linux : alt ctrl F12 - in kde 4 (linux) switches off desktop effects (computer works faster) linux : right click on the maximize button of window sretches it in width only and keeps height. click with mouse wheel - the opposite linux : alt + drag point in the window (any point) to move window. use right button to resize linux : select text with mouse - copy (no other operation required) linux : mouse wheel click - paste all systems : tab in cmd autocompletes commands bios : alt ctrl esc - on certain types of phoenixbios bypasses the password bios : alt F12 / ctrl F12 - access to boot devices without password