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KITEMAN has died... Answered

RANDOFO has exhaustion, NACHO has drowned, and GMJHOWE has dysentery (and measles. And cholera. Idk why it has a hate on for him, but it sure does...)


When I first saw that Nacho and Kiteman had died, I started to freak, then remembered it was just a cruddy little simulation.

I gotta stop naming my trail buddies after people I know. It's too traumatic.

You remember the ORIGINAL Oregon Trail, yes? Not the sissy versions with their fancy-pants "gui"s and "icons" - I mean the Real Gamer's OT.

It's baaack!

You can play it online and relive all those wonderful memories! Linky You probably already know about this one, but I'm sharing it anyway! :D

Whether you name your people after enemies and drive them to the brink (as cameron says - Tiny meals, Grueling pace, and NO REST. MAN UP.), or name them after friends and loved ones and pamper them, there's just something about playing Oregon Trail...

Which way do you play? Bataan death march, or 4 month exclusive get-away mobile spa for pioneers?

There are a couple things I don't get about the game, however. Like what's with the "peperony and cheese"? And how come all the names are in all caps?

You clicked on 992 lbs of this forum topic, but can only carry 100 lbs back to the wagon.




9 years ago

Omfg,it says I'm dead...



You died.

I'm... dead?

I'm pleased to report that I didn't feel a thing. I'm also rather pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong - there is an afterlife, although it seems to be very similar to the one I just left...

...and you're all here as well...


The world ended and we've all been killed and the afterlife is actually the internet!

I haven't thought that I was living in "reality" for a while, think I died too... L

cool. i like this afterlife...... i dont see oscar anywhere though :-( im kinda sad about that. you know, i could get used to this afterlife. i regret never winning my highschools exposcience or the windmill contest though.

Somehow that reminds me of the following (at around 2:33-2:45)

Why have I never seen that before??

That is genuinelyLOL.

He's a maker....see my next video below....I have invited him....whether he has any time to visit or not, I don't know, but that would be really cool.

peperony and cheese (did you mean Pepperoni? )

. See the 5th pic (the tombstone) in the OP.

The joke behind the "Peperony and cheese" refers to a popular 80's ad for Tombstone Pizza. A guy is lined up in front of a firing squad, and is asked "What do you want on your tombstone?" He answers "sausage and pepperoni," or possibly some other pizza topping. (It's been a long time since I've seen it."

Yes, I recall (vaguely) that commercial :-)

that title for this post scarede me for a second XD

I got about 1/3 of the way through then I accidentaly googled something in the same tab :( not amused Was fun while it lasted What happens at the end ? Has anyone here completed it ?

I have, there's just a scoreboard if you reach oregon...

That's interesting, I got as far as the store and decided "I am not going to go through this for some mild-amusement". Upon quitting I am left with a buzzing noise like a fat bumble-bee. Similar to the day I listened to badger-mushroom for nearly an hour to see if I'd get sick of it, I'm tempted to leave it. But no, I'm going to try to get rid of it...


(and I turned the sound off)

I've got other games I can change names on, fill-in: "-was great!" "-has broken down" "-looks too intense for me" "X people have died in an accident on-" "I'm not paying that much to-" L

Yep! Lithium Rain would make a good name for a roller-coaster...? L

Time to break out RCT 3!! ... Aw man. :'-( I lost the cds! Where did I put them?!


9 years ago

OMG I got this in my subscription email -- you SCARED me!

It didn't do my heart any good either :-)

She scared you - how do you think I felt?

Last time I googled my real name, the first two pages were articles reporting my death... :-/


What, I told bumpus already anybody going with me is a GONER...

If I had nothing better going
and it was a computer simulation

"...the devil's own browser..."

It works perfectly fine in Firefox 3.0.9.

I see I wasn't in your little "adventure" An a brighter note, a thief stole ALL my oxen, and no one would trade me an oxen.