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K'NEX ARX-160 in Progress Answered

Hey guys! For about 3 years now, I have wanted to see a ARX-160 built out of K'NEX, but both BM2 and KnexBuild found the task a little harder than expected. So, finally, I have made a good looking ARX-160 out of K'NEX, and while it does need some work, it started off great!

With a high-capacity magazine, great sights, a great, long, pin-pull, nice stock, and a over-all sturdy body, this K'NEX gun is starting out pretty great!

I am to lazy to post more about it now, so give us a comment, a subscription, and suggestions as to what we could do better on the build or what other replicas we should build.


-The Red Book of Westmarch


Looks great!

Suggestion for your next build, pump action gun of any sorts. I challenge thee.

me liky aloty

the cool thing is, in cod Ghost it has like a laser to hip aim with owo

and I just bought a laserlight cat toy xD

maybe i can try to make a attachment for it, i'll let you know tho

Thanks man, glad you like it! I don't have CoD: Ghosts... yet, but I can't wait to use the ARX-160 in game-play.

What's wrong with the Wii? If anything, I thought the Wii was the most real gaming console, because it actually encouraged fun and social interactions with people. Not chewing you out, just saying.

And as for the gun in Ghosts, it really sucks in game. Lowest minimum damage of Ars, low range, pretty bad recoil. It tries to fill a niche that SMGs are better at filling.

Anyway, your version looks excellent, perhaps a little too tall given all the extra space above the stock. The real steal version just looked too bulky to me. An interesting weapon, but bulky.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is trash, in my opinion.

Why do people hate on games so much? People really disliked MW3, and yet the game is great! What is up with people? How petty can you get? LOL Just enjoy the game. =D

Agreed, but this is coming from my opinion which is a person who doesn't like first-person shooters. On a side note, MW3 was probably my favroite fps i I had to choose one.

I love my wii u! Nintendo games are so fun! Now that sure doesn't mean I don't love some cod on my xbox1!

Got one too. Just waiting for the more "hardcore" Nintendo games such as LoZ and Metroid. Otherwise my laptop is my preferred gaming machine.

Go play Monster Hunter on your wuu.

I tried the demo, which didn't give it justice, but having no knowledge whatsoever of what to do was off-putting. I may give it another shot in the future when the next game is released, though.

The demo really doesn't seem like it was made for new players. It was more to let the old players mess around with new weapons and monsters before the game came out.

Monster Hunter is actually my favorite game series. The next one comes out as a 3ds exclusive, though. probably around March 2015.

I haven't played CoD: Ghosts. Ya know, I don't mean to sound critical, but I think people really need to just enjoy their video games, instead of worrying about what you can and can't do. In amazon reviews, people really criticized MW3, I got the game, and it is great! Not the best game I have ever played (Battlefront 2 is, and probably always will be, my favorite game), but it was still really well done. Why do people hate on games so much?

Glad you like my ARX-160. As to the stock and the overall height of the gun, you might want to check my G+ version, as that one is updated.

Well CoD is really silly given that it's released every year and its fanbase consists of a bunch of children and man-children as well as us who accept it for what it is. They complain about everything that stays the same as well as everything the changes too dramatically. There's no satisfying everyone. Personally, I disliked the maps of Ghost most. But yeah, I don't get the people who just rant on and on about what games other people play. I play games to have fun. Simple as that. I usually have fun with a quick pickup match of CoD, simple. That said, I've gotten bored of Ghosts and haven't played in months.

because I hate how sencitive the Wii is, and I just don't like it, we have one but I really hate it, I prefer my trusty old Xbox 360

Sensitive? Exactly what do you mean? Funny you call it trusty. 360s were notorious for overheating and RRoDing all the time. The one I had for just a little while I got as a repair from my sister, which then proceeded to fail again.

I just hate the whole moving to play system, and I hate the Design of the Wii,

the Wii U is meh-ish, but still

the Xbox360 does overheat at some moments but that's because they made not enough cooldown space, the're way to compact, but still, I'm going to buy a PS3 anyway when I have the money, and the wii remote isn't that good, I prefer a Controler with D-pads and joysticks and triggers, the wii isn't that great

I don't have anything against Nintendo tho, I really like the DS, but I hate the way the wii works, that's all

Ha, now I'm jealous. I'll see if I can fix up my old ARX-160 yet!

Yeah, I was working on mine again today; trying to troubleshoot why it's not shooting well. I really want to keep the charging handle, because it adds so much aesthetic and ergonomic appeal. If it really doesn't work then I might try converting into a regular firing pin gun, but that would be quite hard as I designed it to work with the CH mechanism.

I think I finally got a breakthrough! I added a small transfer pin thingy that the CH hits and in turn hits the bullet. I fired one shot and it actually sounded powerful when I shot it. I'll keep testing to make sure it's reliable.

I shot it a few more times and it was still fairly reliable ( There were a few jams, but this transfer pin was just a concept; I'll keep trying to modify it until it's perfected. ) In the end I hope to get around 50 feet ( After perfecting the CH, of course. )

Very nice and neat Red! Must have eaten a tonne of green rods :P