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KNEX COLT 1911 Answered

I've been cruising the site for any knex pistols that either are a 1911, or look like one. So far, I haven't found any. So, I thought I'd post a topic for it and see if anyone had any ideas, or if anyone wanted to make one, ore do a joined project (shared credit). I'll be making my own to, but I could use some input. Tell me what you guys think.


Not quite the best pistol but pretty cool. I would try but I'm working on an MP7 at the moment.

EWWW not the best? 1911 is like the bestest .

... Instead of me trying to point out why not how about you point out why?

Best looking pistol in my opinion , and it's been used for decades so that says something...

Yeah it's old and needs to be replaced. I think Americans are a little too stuck in the past. We are only now looking into other guns to replace the M4/16.

Lets hope the replace the M16 and M4 soon. Our soldiers are dieing because they jam so easily. I like The FN SCAR and the H&K; 416.

A bullpup weapon would be nice too (a weapon that has the action and magazine behind the trigger). It would give a longer barrel with a shorter overall length.

Are you about done trying to show off with your knowledge on weapons? Most of us here know enough about weapons.

It's not like he knows anything that the rest of us here don't know either. Pretty sad actually...

Also, a bullpup design is very inefficient when it comes down to ordinary ( that is, with a barrel and ram ) K'nex guns, because a longer barrel will only make it weaker.
We really need some better way to create repeaters. The revolving drum is a good one, but is hard to reload. The best thing is probably a repeating slingshot, but such a design is very tricky. A mechanism like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9KleCswrGk ( Link function doesn't work properly for some reason) ), but more sturdy would be key.

i know plenty of weapons and if any one here likes call of duty modern warfare 2 i could probably name all of the guns. i'm not trying to show of or creating any arguments but i've completed it on every level and created half the guns on the game with knex.

Sorry if you thought I was showing off, because I wasn't. I just know alot about weapons, and when people talk about the subject, I can sometimes get carried away. Didn't mean to offend you if I did. =)

Yes, I am trying to apologize. I truly am sorry if what I said annoyed you.

There's like a 100 different Glocks, so you're being rather vague there.

Soemone try to make a g18 machine pistol with knex becuase i dont have enough knex left from the rest of my builds to create it thanks =)

Actually I'd rather have a glock 27/28/ etc. than a compact colt like a .25.

Yay, my e-mail notifications work again! Anyway, in my opinion the Glock has always been the best looking pistol. And the Glock 18 is simply awesome, full-auto uselessness, yeah....

Yeah , but the glock seems more police than military

I don't really see the problem in that.

Yes for those but I'd prefer a Walther P99 just for pure looks, an HK UCP for high capacity mag and penetration power, or a Desert Eagle just for pure power. There are probably a good few others I'd pick out but I've already proven my point.

Glocks have one of the highest magazine capacities ever.

How high? I thought it was no more than 15 rounds. The HK UCP uses the same ammo from the MP7 and so can fit 20 rounds in a standard magazine.

The Glock 17 has 17 rounds of 9mm in the magazine only, and there is conversion kits to make it 19. The Glock 18 can use a 33 round magazine, which is full auto. The MP7 is classified as and sub-machine gun, but I think its really and overgrown pistol.

stuck in the past on military everything else... idk but I'm way to stuck in the past

Pros: good accuracy low jam rate easy to use, and clean uses the .45 acp round cons: not very compact low magazine capacity strong recoil

An MP7 would be great to see. I haven't see and good PDW's (personal defense weapons anywhere, and if I have, they aren't good.

I dunno if this is too late, but i made one...

pretty neat gun thanks for answering. you got some good guns when i had a look.

i tried to make a knex colt. it looked fairly close too. i made the slide, handle(which includes mag), trigger guard but i couldn't figure out the actual trigger. also the slide is the barrel. if some one could help finish the rest it could look like a colt 1911 and work good. it also has a different kind of catch.

So let's say somebody make this "colt 1911" replica using K'nex. How will it be any different from any other pistol replica? Real pistols look mostly the same,. and the main thing making them different is their performance. But Knex pistols all look AND work the same. So just build one of the many Knex pistols and call it a 1911.

he's right you got a point but you might as well try for once

You got a point, but it still would be cool to try.

It's already been tried and done. The only thing that hasn't been done is calling one a Colt 1911.

the m9 is the pistol of all pistols but the colt .45 is great too