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K'NEX Contest 2015! Answered

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you all a heads up about this year's K'NEX contest.  It will be running from 4/13-5/25 and while I can't get into prize specifics until the contest launches, I can tell you that we are teaming up with K'NEX to bring you bigger, better, more awesome prizes than ever before!
We can't wait to see what you make!


K'NEX Contest finalists have been announced! If you would like to help judge, please send me a pm!

When will the finalists be announced? I'm pretty sure winners are announced on June 2nd, but what about the finalists?

It will be running from 4/13-5/25

Or 13/4 - 25/5, depending on your date notation.

I would like to giveaway my TR8-2015 see my forum for details. Good luck in the contest!


My ballmachine isn't done :-(

definitely thinking about it... Hoping to post a gun that uses my new mech. Please no one steal my idea!


I'm gonna join in!

I'm going to do it just for fun, I don't need no fancy prices!

(unless it's food, or optics huehue)

Wow, I'm hyped! Sound awesome! Are we gonna have a separate K'NEX gun contest, or is it all gonna be lumped togeather again?

Dose the entry need to be an instructible?

Well, you do need to post it on Instructables and the more details about how you made it, the better :)

What would I have to do to be a judge in this contest?

Work for K'nex! In sponsored 'Ibles contests you have to work for the sponsoring company in order to be a judge.

Oh, ok. I don't really want to get involved with entering stuff, because I know I will not win. :)

You might win it doesn't hurt to try. i think i will enter even if i don't win it will be a fun challenge to help spark my creativity and it would be cool to win the prizes too.

I did not say I would not enter, I am just not gonna get competitive or care about it too much.

Okay. it will be nice to see what everyone comes up with too!

K'NEX is just a prize provider, not a sponsor, so they will have a little input on judging, but ultimately the contest will be judged in the same way other contests are judged on Instructables. We could definitely use all the help we can get in judging, (though if you make it to the finalists you won't be able to help judge, of course, haha). You can sign up to help judge contests on this forum thread https://www.instructables.com/community/Call-for-co...

Anyone can be a judge if you have published at least one Instructable and we will definitely need help judging this one! You should definitely still enter the contest, but if you make it to the finalists you won't be able to help judge, of course, haha :)

If you want to help judge any other contests, feel free to sign up on this forum thread! https://www.instructables.com/community/Call-for-co...

Cool. I'm with CorgiCritter on this one. It would be cooler for me to judge than to enter, but either way I'll be involved.

Whoops, disregard ^ comment.

If it's a sponsored contest judges come from the sponsoring company.