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K'NEX M249 SAW Answered

I'm going to start building a K'NEX M249 SAW out of K'NEX. So I looked for a couple of pictures on Google and I got an idea in my head. But I'm doubting: Shall I make it a belt-fed gun? It think they are very cool (and it's a challange to make it, too) but the range of belt fed guns sucks (10-20 ft.). So maybe you  guys could help me decide and tell what you want to see, because if everything goes well, I'll make an instructable ofcourse :D


I think you should challenge yourself. Make a belt fed gun, and see how far you can make the range. happy making.

Thank you for your answer! Well, I already got some things in my mind about the mechanism, but I'm stuck. It's going to be chain-fed, but I need to add a cog in the gun (a medium sized one) to pull the chain in. If I do that, the gun is going to be 7 or even 9 layers thick. And that's ugly D:

hmmmmm... you could possibly lengthen the stock, so that it would look a little more natural.