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K'NEX Magazine Comparisons - 5.56 NATO, STANAG Magazine Answered

On thing that makes any K'NEX gun replica more accurate is the magazine. Trust me, if your magazine is to big or to small, it will make the whole gun look bad. As this is the case, I decided to "clear up" the small argument about the size of 5.56 NATO magazines, as some people are incorrect on the size of K'NEX magazine that they use.

As you see in the pictures below, TD's magazine (yellow connecter - white rod - yellow connecter) is more accurate than the other type (white connecter - green rod - white connecter). The latter version (white connecter - green rod - white connecter) is quite a few centimeters too long, and is more accurate for some 7.62x51 replica K'NEX guns.

The last pic is of my Dad's Bushmaster Carbon 15.

-The Red Book of Westmarch



you say a few centimeter?

that's can't be right

you mean milimeter

It looks like another combination would be yellow connector, green rods, white connector. Right? Regardless I'm planning on making a removable curves magazine on a future gun so I'm not sure what the standard is.

nice gun, is it a real one?

anyways, i'm glad the problem is solved tho

Yeah, I was really surprised this method didn't catch on sooner. I had a crappy spring Airsoft M4 so I had a "real" magazine to compare it to and decided to use that method for my shoddy attempt at a PDR, mostly because it made removable and curving magazines easier. The only problem is it's not the best for actually being a magazine and holding ammo.

Same here... it is weird how much of the community still uses the old style of magazine (white connecter - green rod - white connecter) (I myself have used it, but only on 7.62 replicas). True, it is not the best magazine out there, but it is my ultimate favorite... I just like how useful and reliable it is.