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KNEX MechWarrior Series PDF's Answered

I was too lazy to dig out the instructions to make the MechWarrior line of KNEX and went looking for the pdfs. I couldn't find them any where online, so I dug them out and made pdfs to share with everyone who missed out on the line, lost the instructions or like me is too lazy to find the instructions. I'll upload as many of the pdfs as I can here; the rest are at this link:


You have to make a free account to download them (UPDATE:  you don't need to make an account to download), but it's worth it. If you have a better website to share these files, please let me know.

The pdfs include:

The Cauldron Born & Owens
The Mad Cat & Avatar
The Shadow Cat and Sunder

Series 1


Series 2

Hollander II

Series 3

Converted MiningMech

I am missing the Black Hawk (which i seem to have lost) from series 3 and the entire line of electronic armor (series 4) which includes the Fire Starter, Catapult and the Converted ConstructionMech. If anybody has a pdf of them or willing to sell them please let me know!


I know its been some time but do you still have those pdfs for the madcats/avatar ?


2 years ago

Thanks a lot! These sets gave me most of my metallic pieces :)
Does any of you have these little "shooters" from the small robots? I want to use them in my next K'NEX build, the Slave I

It used to be on the site I don't know why it's not there anymore here's a link to the K'NEX Mad Cat/Avatar:


Where are the instructions cor the Mad-Cat?

thank you for doing this. I used to have the instructions but have long since lost them.