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K'NEX Riot Shield Answered

I've had this idea for a while, and I am kinda assuming that it is a pretty bad one, but do any of you think that a K'NEX riot shield would be of any use? At least, in an out door K'NEX war? If it could withstand a 5 rubber banded oodammo from a TR8, would it even have a chance of being used? And, keep in mind, I'm not talking about making a cheaply done K'NEX shield like the ones we've all seen here on instructables, I'm talking about a good quality, sturdily built, K'NEX riot shield. What do you guys think?

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-The Red Book of Westmarch (which, when shortened, comes to TRBoW, which probably means that I should build a turreted bow)


how would you do this anyway?

It would be nearly imposible to fill it all up so bullets don't go through

just sayin'


3 years ago

I don't think it would be practical.


it would have many problems,

-bullets can go through

-parts can break off

-would be way to heavy

-not safe at all unless you put somesort of plastic on it

I actually thought of doing this for K'nex war 2014 and I asked KILLERK if it was legal (which it is) I think it would be a very effective idea if done correctly, especially if it had some folding legs on the back of it, so you could have an easy set up barricade.

This just brings me to thinking I may need to try to build one again.....

If you really want to roll with this idea, I'd recommend using the weight of the shield to automatically deploy the legs. Have some legs that are banded to lie flat against the shield when lifted but be pushed out when the shield is set down on a lever or paddle of sorts to actuate them.


3 years ago

I think it would be too heavy if it was built sturdily. Plus you can't really see through knex :/. As to it being of any use, I don't think it would be.

Yeah, that's the post that really gave me this idea, but his uses a plastic lid.. I want to make mine out of K'NEX. Solely out of K'NEX.

I have seen a lego riot shield on youtube but not one made out K'nex but if ever you did decide to make one it would have to be very strong since the real one is very thin but I say give it ago and see what happens.

I think it'd be about as practical as any K'nex armor, a novelty but nothing really to seriously use. I'd sooner make some sort of ammo catcher, something you could collect other's ammo with so you can readily refill your own weapon without having to scavenge off the ground. Still a bit of a novetly, but at least more practical.

LOL, yeah, I know. It would still be awesome. IMO, K'NEX armor kind just sounds lame, but a riot shield might not be. I hear and kinda agree with you bro.