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KNEX TANK with a mg with no chain. Answered

my tank

it has a mg. and uses no chain peaces. the only exotic peace it uses is a orange gear. like a yellow gear it has the pegs sicking out of it but only has half the pegs. it can be made by cutting off half the pegs if you want. not very power full but that is because i am using a clasic motor. the motor has to pull bach the ram so to much rubberbands and the motor can not pull bach the ram. if made with a beter motor it could be stronger.

o and the last picture is of all my knex guns :)


can you post quad blaster?

dude, do you have any idea how old this is?

im just going through knex forums and answering. sorry if its no use.

post it plz it would be great

um... it's already posted. its been posted for quite some time. since October 4 2007. click on the link at the top of the forum topic. it will take you to the instructable.

well to make is a trye tank it could have tracks using knex chain

yes it could but that defeteats the point of having a mg with no chain links on it

i would like it if you post mods to make it look like a tank