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Another chance to build a knex transformer. Build your best STARSCREAM Rule 1. His alternate mode has to be a jet. Rule 2. He has to be transformed without any pieces coming off. Rule 4. He has to be kinda close to the actual toy. That's all. come up with some great ideas. I Will BE ENTERING THIS CONTEST!


well you talk about improvment how about makeing them move
im showing off my KNEX transformer


The first one isn't even done yet.

In the rules it says the transformer has to be a certain lengthThere is no restrictions on the length

The competition started today! I built mine already too. Post some pics. I would love to see it!

Here is mine didn't disconect any peices.Do I have to make a forum for this to enter the contest???

Knex Starscream 001.jpgKnex Starscream 002.jpgKnex Starscream 005.jpgKnex Starscream 006.jpg

I like that a lot!!!! One question how big is it? ( your answer) NO

Thanks yours too!! The jet is a foot long, Robot iz 9 inches

this competition goes like this. At first we build and show our creation. Then we get 35 days to make it better in any way. After the 35 days glitched( hopefully) will judge the competion.

I will be happy to give my ruling on these 2 fine transformers, As I understand I will be judging these transformers twice, first as they are and then after you guys try to improve them from a month from now. From what I observe in both pictures: Battlefront1 has a great plane design and a clever transformation but his robot form is not proportioned correctly. FeverSoccer has the opposite going for him his robot form is very nice but his plane needs some work. I will say regardless I am very impressed by both transformers. So for the First Ruling I will have to say FeverSoccer wins this round because overall his looks more accurate. Also I would like to add for the next posting If it you could post pictures of different angles to get a better sense of what it looks like. Can't wait to see what you guys can do to improve them.

well the first part of the contest now you must improve your design over the next month.

If you win I will give you my Jazz instructable. ( no one else will get this intructable!). If I win you have to give me your Bumblebee 08 camaro instructable. Is that ok with you?

Who's determining who's winning??? Do I have to post a forum/???

If you look just to the side of the A key, you will see the caps lock key. Ensure caps lock is off. Caps lock is not cruise control for cool.

The reason I posted a second is because some people don't like devastator from the transformer movie. I am giving a veriety of TF contests so if people aren't interested in the other contest, they might be in this one.

awesome i might enter