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K'NEX gun quality check Answered

Hello k'nex gunners! Jamalam here, and I have come up with a quality check for k'nex guns to make sure they are good enough for posting. You don't have to follow these rules, they are just suggestions (except for the NO TINY GUNS WITH BLOCK TRIGGAHS! part :P)

1. looks
a.Well proportioned /5
b.Filled in properly /5
c.Innards fit well in /5

2. Performance
a.Range - Every 20 ft is worth 1, 200 ft plus is 20, taken with 3 64# r.b.s. do not do
this for mgs/ semi autos, see step 3.5 /20
b.Ease of reload /5
c.Trigger functionality (block trigger =1) /5
d.Comfort /15

3.Ability to pierce:(highest result scores, taken with 3 64# rbs, do not do for mgs/semi autos etc.)
Paper =1 Cardboard = 2 Cans = 3 2 cardboard sheets = 4 Plywood/walls = 5 /5

3.5.Semi auto, mg, and other unpowerful gun types(do not do for other gun types /25
Every 2 ft is worth a point

4.Weight - every 100 grams is worth a point, until it gets to 1600, then you start going down /15

5. Reception from 5 other k'nexers - ask 5 other k'nexers to rate your gun out of 20, then work out the average (rounding up) (ie. 18+17+17+16+16 = 84, 84/5 is 16.8 ->17) /20

Now, add up the points and that is the rating percentage of your gun!
eg. Storm 223 = 61 + up to 20 rating average.

These are just my ideas, create your own if you dont like them!


We ought to just use the System for the Perfect Knex Weapon (in my Original TDS Intructable) I sum it up pretty much. This is O.K. but it could be slightly better.

So If I made a really cool looking gun, that fits nicely in your hands, has great range, pierces walls..... but it has a block trigger, wouldn't everyone still hate it?

no, I mean the it is REALLY hard to make a true trigger for the gun, and it is just a block trigger, no question.

I think the 200ft is ridiculous, I got the srv1 150 ft at 45 degrees, and 120 with the heavy cannon V2.


9 years ago

You can't really rate a gun like this, because it is a subjective rating system. It's not that hard to spot a gun that is not of good enough quality from one that is. Not to mention that there have hardly been any crappy guns lately.


9 years ago

You should change #3 because most people don't have plywood to test on. And you should remove #1 because looks don't really matter.

try this in star format