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K'Nex Rainbow Loom Answered

Hi everyone,

Wanted to show you this fun creation I recently made. It's the rainbow loom made from K'Nex. It works just as well as the original Rainbow Loom. You basically need 4 different K'Nex pieces and the instructions to build can be found on my website www.legochest or on my YT channel http://youtube.com/legochest (direct video to the K'Nex Loom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGqij014N_s)

Let me know what you guys think!
Brian @ Lego Chest


This would definitely make an awesome Instructable - very innovative. I see your potential. When I began Instructables, I browsed the site for 2 years before deciding to post some of my own creations. Very high quality pictures will guarantee you a feature - I'm sure of it :-). I hope you enkjoy your time at Instructables, just like I have. I hope to see more ingenious Instructables such as this! :D

Thank you hunter999! I will definitely do more. I checked out your Instructables. You've done some cool stuff! :)

Thanks so much for checking out my 'Ibles. Appreciated, I will be posting another soon so stay tuned! :D

Hey there, this is a pretty nice idea! very nice pictures.

As a matter of fact, here's a suggestion that I think would be worth your while; you should post an Instructable on how to make this to this website. I know you have posted this elsewhere already, but you have a 100% chance of a feature with this one. don't worry about copyrights, you can change the licence when you publish an Instructable. furthermore, you could enter this in a contest and win some pretty cool stuff!

Just an idea!


Thank you NK and thanks for the suggestion. I haven't done an Instructable yet - I am pretty new here :) Do you suggest I put it under toys or K'Nex?

You're welcome! Welcome to Instructables and the K'nex subcommunity by the way! What's a better way to start of your posting career than with a featured Instructable? Haha when you post it I suggest you put it under K'nex. Trust me you'll get MUCH more positive feedback that way! I also think you should try entering it in a contest! Too bad you didn't post this in time for the "Rainbow Loom" contest a few months back, this would be a top entry for sure!

Well, I apologize for the long comments, but I just wanted to give my two cents worth.

I'm here to help if you have any questions!


Yes indeed! If you check out Knexcraz's yt channel, he has a lot more potentially featured Instructables and even a few contest winners available!

Please don't apologize, you're helping me a lot! This is all new to me.

And thank you for your vote of confidence ;) I will try to create the Instructables.

And wow! You've done a lot of Instructables! My sister would love the Easter basket. I may have to make one for her :)

Haha 113 and counting! Thanks for checking out the basket, and I hope you do build it! My cousins litterally fought over it on Easter! Haha, Thanks for your interest!

Hey did you ask me a question? I can't seem to find it...

I did but I figured it out. Didn't want to bother you. Thanks again for everything!

Ah don't worry you aren't bothering me! I like to help out when I get the chance!

And my 1st Instructable is published :)


Just like nerfrocketeer said below, this would definitely make a great instructable!

Thank you emilyvanleemput for checking out my project. I will do an instructable. Still figuring out the site and how to do it :)

That is actually a really good idea, I have only heard of those rainbow loom things, but that (a K'NEX version) is an incredibly original idea!

Thanks The Red Book of Westmarch! You must not have girls in your family :) It works just as well as the RL too.

Yeah? Somehow, LOL, I don't think they'd use it. And besides, I have K'NEX guns to build, I don't want my pieces used for anything else. =D

Great, now all the 12 year old girls can have the two things they love the most all in one: k'nex and rainbow loom!

Just kidding this is pretty cool