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Kaysan Stepper Motor ( Motor Shield or Easy Driver ) ? How to stop motor after rotation? Answered

I am Mechanical Engineering student working on my Intro to engineering class project. We are a group of two students ME and EE but unfortunately my EE partner dropped out of class and I have to finish the project myself.
The project is about rotating some sort of pipes. I have not figured out where to place the electric motor but all I am working on now is setting up the circuit and the motor.

I have a kaysan stepper motor nema 17
Datasheet link : 

I am planning to have the motor rotate one or two rotations in only one direction and then stop. When a push button is pressed the motor will start rotating the one or two rotations.

I did some research and I found out that I need a motor shield or Easy drive to control the motor. So far I have the following items:
1. kaysan stepper motor nema 17.
2. Arduino Uno Board.
3. Adafruit Motor Shield v2.3
4. Easy Driver Shield Stepper Motor Driver V44 A3967.
5. Push buttons and the circuit board.

I am really not sure what is the best to use between the Adafruit Motor Shield and the EasyDriver. What is best suitable for my application ? and in terms of the Arudino code how do I make the motor stop completely after specific number of rotations.
I have the Stepper Motor connected to the Arduino and I tested it using the Example code in the Arduino software but I am not really sure how to make the motor stop completely? As of the power supply, I am planning to use an external battery buy not sure what voltage I need.

Your help is really appreciated.




2 years ago

At high speed a stop of stepping will inertia slip steps and loose synch of shaft location.

To stop a stepper you need to decelerate the motor gradually in order for the computer to know the shaft position with certainty...


2 years ago

Don't send it any steps, and it stops ! Calculate how many steps = 1 revolution, send n x steps = n revs


Answer 2 years ago


Now... fyi (educationally) ...One way to stop a stepper and (within limits) keep it from further rotation is to short the drive leads. It produces a brake.

Try it with a stepper. Rotate the motor by hand. Now twist the four leads together and try again...


2 years ago

If you remove the drive signal to the driver board then the motor will stop. However it will not have a strong holding force.

When you control the stepper you will be sending a specific number of turn commands to the board (steps) this will move the motor that far - I don't know what the driver board has on it - it may be an H bridge or it may be simply a darlington driver chip (often ULN2003) you can find out a lot about interfacing steppers here


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