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Keeping the environment moist or damp Answered

I'm building an aeroponics system from scratch. When I water my roots in bursts of 3 to 5 minutes how can I be sure that the environment stays moist while I am away, I don't want the roots on my capsicum annuum to dry out. Is there anything I can line my 4" PVC tube with to keep it damp inside but without using soil or any geological material or perhaps and organic material that wont damage the cycle? Is this what aggregate is used for?



4 years ago

If you're looking for arevolutionary material, you might try a super absorbent polyacrylamide gel. It's pretty accessible actually. They sell it in craft stores and some garden shops. It's better known as the goo in diapers, so if you really can't find a better source, you could try pulling a few of those apart and going from there. (please do not try to repurpose used diapers this way)

clay balls or broken tiles