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Kelly's controller slowing down manually Answered


I'm looking for a while now but no solution, so wanted to post this question in here.
Got a e-bike that can do 90km/u but I need to keep it 45km/u for road legality.
But on private property on my job and stuff, don't need the 45km/u so I wish without to connect the controller to my laptop and stuff to make it go faster and slower, twice a day, it would be handy I could let it go with a simple push of a button go slow/fast.

It's about this controller: http://kellycontroller.com/keb72601x24v-72v280a6kw-bike-brushless-controller-regen-p-279.html
There is software for to download: http://kellycontroller.com/mot/downloads/Kelly%20KBL%20and%20KEB%20User%20Program%20Release%20Setup%20v3.3.zip
Manual aswell: http://kellycontroller.com/KEBhelp.php
Also, there is a configurable boost switch if I wanted, so maybe through that ...
Or an economy function... If only that could be programmed, so I can set my engine power to 100% and the economy to what ever makes it run legal speed.

Hope I gave some info, to make things up for what I ment ...



5 years ago

Here is what you do . The controller can be configured by plugging it into a computer through USB right? So get yourself a Raspberry Pi and install it on the bike. You can program the Pi to configure the controller as needed and can do so with the push of a button. Just a matter of getting a windows emulator on the Pi. Not sure if there is anything like that out there for the Pi.

Your best bet is to further look into the legal side of things. If the only limitation is the classification it was imported under... there should be a work around for that where you can get it reclassified. It should only take some money and inspections to get re classified.


Reply 5 years ago

Hey, getting a Pi in my bike is a bit overkill ;)
And about getting it legal, it's impossible in our country, looked it all up and it's zero chance, so that closes that door.

Look, my throttle is using a magnetic meter, it's operating between 0V and 5V.
Now I think with the use of a resistor, to lower the voltage so it only gives by max throttle the amount of voltage to go 45km/u, I think with a 3 pole button I can achieve what I'm looking for ....

Now the only trouble is, finding the right resistor ... I have no idea how to calculate that or wich ones I can buy to start experimenting ....


5 years ago

I can't help with your actual problem, but if you are going to be able to switch from half power to full at the flick of a switch, then your bike is still going to count as capable of 90kph, because you will not be able to prove that you will not flick the switch when the police aren't around.

Instead, I would consider a mechanical block on your speed controller - something you bolt in place to prevent the control lever, dial, whatever it is going past 45kph. When you are off road, take a spanner or screwdriver, whatever is needed from your pannier, remove the block, and away you go. When you are finished off-road, just bolt it back on.

This will keep law enforcers happy, because you cannot remove the block whilst driving, and saves you the problem of reprogramming or replacing your controller.


Reply 5 years ago

Yes it is true what you say, that my bike is capable of that speed, but all electric bikes are capable of doing higher speeds, it's limited throughout the controller.
The flip of the switch can indeed bring me into trouble.
*But it's like this: our law here is so crooked, that when I wanna make myself legal: insurance, road legality, homologate and taxes, they made it impossible to convert my bike into it.
It's silly, the bike was a motorbike, but the previous owner imported him into my country as a motorcycle.
And there is no way I can up(con)vert it ... while at the same time, the exact same bike is sold as a motorbike ! ... go figure ...
I wanna be legal, so I will only drive 45km/u on roads, just for others safety alone, there is no problem, it's just like what I said, daily connecting the usb is such an hassle, and allot of the times .... I leave it at full speed also on the public roads, that's what I don't want no more.

About the controller lever: it's not with cables, it's a quite ingenious system, never saw it before, in the lever at your hand, there is a electric potentiometer, control by a little magnet inside the lever.

But think, I can place a resistor of some sort behind the throttle lever, that is using 0V to 5V to go from 0km/u to full speed.
When I can solder a resistor in between with an 3-pole switch that will halve the voltage to 2.5V when full throttle, I'm there ... no ?