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Kelseymh in Make Magazine! Answered

Our own kelseymh has an article in the latest issue of Make (On Newsstands March 10). The below link may or may not work as it's a 'share with a friend' thing:


He has expanded on his modified crib instructable.

Way to go kelseymh!


Make 17 arrived today.

(So I'll be offline for the rest of the night.)

I'm in the same issue by the way... Page 165.

And in the interests of fairness, I think Dan's article is someone more impressive than my own. He's got a three-page spread with a full how-to; mine was basically a "profile piece" rather than instruction. Many congratulations!

Fanatastic, Mister Daniel Walker! Now we know your name (rubs hands together evilly)

Gosh darn it, now I have to move house! Thanks :)

It's alright, that one was set up especially for the horrendous spam I thought I'd get. I was right.

Yeah. I've won the lottery 4 times this week too. At least I can use my winnings to pay off those poor millionaires :D

There's a "protection" error from MAKE on the link to my article above, "Usage Limit Exceeded." If you want to read the contentbuy the magazine! :-), my original draft (which MAKE's copy editors left practically untouched :-) is on my own Web site, http://www.slac.stanford.edu/~kelsey/docs/Madeleine/crib/MAKE/.

I really appreciate the great, positive response from my colleagues here on I'bles. Thank you all!

Congratulations! :D

I can't view it either... :( Great job Kelseymh!

:(:(:(:(:(:( Cannot view.

Nice! Congratulations to kelsey and whatsisface!

Congrats to Kelsey and whatsis.

(The link works.)

Well done that man!