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Key chain multitool Answered

I was thinking of getting a multitool that is small enough to fit on your key chain. Here comes the dilemma though... I don't know what tool to get. Leatherman has the squirt and the Micra. Other companies have ones as well... I was thinking of getting the squirt, but if I do, I cant decide if I want the P4 (pliers) or the E4 (wire cutters). Ahhh I cant make up my mind. Any help? The thing about the pliers and wire cutters is I don't have a set of wire cutters. However, pliers would probably be used more often. But if I need the wire cutters, I would wish that I had got them instead. Right now I am leaning towards the pliers, but...



6 years ago

WHEN the Leatherman and Swiss Army knife styles are too heavy for a keyring (I don't carry either in my key case ~ they reside elsewhere), you could consider the 'Swiss Tech' range of mini-tools ~

I have all three brands among my gadgets here, so I don't need to "push" any one over another ~ I can usually pick the most suitable for the job-at-hand..

Hmm I have no 'real' multitools, all mine are from a shop I visit every now and again and they are cool, I have an adjustable wrench with a knife, saw, etc in it and it's great, at first I doubted the wierd piece of junk... But it now goes with my bicycle everywhere because the flathead screwdriver part is rounded slightly at the edges and I can use it to change tyres and tubes in super speed. I can change a tyre and tube with nothing but my hands but it takes ages, however a parker pen will do well. Sorry off topic but back again, I have a leatherman style 'thing' and it's great made completely from brushed stainless steel with great functionality and strength. The only big name thing I have is a swiss army knife that has seen more abuse than the environment gets from the USA... (don't worry I'm joking, kind of) and I have used it to open an old Xbox, yes undoing torx screws with a bottle opener is one of those things school will never teach you (chop shop class maybe) All in all Uber wrench-a-magig - £1.99 Leatherman's completely functional uncle - £5 Victorinox Swiss army knife (can't remember model but it has a hook for shopping bags too) £20

The only big name thing I have is a swiss army knife that has seen more abuse than the environment gets from the USA... (don't worry I'm joking, kind of)
I hope, for the sake of that abused knife... otherwise it would be thrown in sewage, contaminated with nuclear waste, left to die for three years, dumped in the ocean by an ignorant passerby and digested by sharks.

It fell in the edge of belfast loch so I'd say sewage is there, umm nuclear waste's hopefully not on the list and as far as a I know it didn't get the chance to be eaten and excreted by a shark while I wasn't looking, unless a land shark got in to my house and that's why I couldn't find it...

"The only big name thing I have is a swiss army knife that has seen more abuse than the environment gets from the USA... " I feel sorry for your knife... I had a swiss army knife, but I lost it somewhere. No wait, I broke the blade off, then lost it somewhere.

it's a good knife but the mess it creates is bad... especially all the gases....


10 years ago

get all of them :P

Actually I thought of ordering both the e4 and the p4 and giving the one I didn't want away as a gift. This weekend, I wish I would have had those wire strippers. My cousin's dog chewed through his guitar hero controller's cable. His wire strippers would not strip the wire, and he didn't have anything sharp enough to strip it with. I ended up having to use a box cutter. After that, I learned that he didn't have a soldering iron that would work (he had one, but the tip was huge, and a pain in the butt to use), but still those strippers would have made getting to that point alot easier. I did manage to get the ground wires soldered back together so that he wouldn't lose the little piece of cable.

I don't know much, but I really like my leatherman blast. It has pliers with a wire cutter.

the blast is a bit bigger than what im looking for. i have a full size multitool that i dont like carrying around because its just too big. thats why i was looking for the keychain one. the blast does look nice though...

i have one, and i love it. it costs $45 but it totally worth it for a good multi tool. but remember, never forget the importance of a good all-purpose knife. they are smaller, lighter, and often cheaper, and you can do many things with one good blade that can't be done with a multi tool due to its bulk.

ive got a nice all purpose knife. actually i have a couple of them...

well i put the E4 onto my christmas list a few minutes ago. thanks for all the help everyone.

The E4 doesn't have a straight knife on it...your school would like that.

according to leatherman it has a knife on it.
and the knife doesnt really matter. since im not in school for this next semester i need to be able to use it at work (i need a knife) and for tinkering at home (wire cutters! or pliers...).

i think im going with the e4 now though since i found out i can use the tip as pliers.

Ahhh I cant make up my mind. Any help?

I would have even more difficulty making up your mind for you, if you can not LOL

How often would you need the pliers while "away from your regular tools" ?

If "not much" and the cutters are needed, I would go that way. But if the pliers are a really decent pair, they have a very crude set of cutters built into them....right below the plier's "teeth" as it were.

i dont know how often i would need them while away. im thinking not that often, but you never know... and since joejoerowley says you can use the tip as a pair of pliers... considering their size, i doubt that the pliers would be able to do much that the tip of the others ones couldnt. maybe i need to find a place that sells them and look at them...

maybe i need to find a place that sells them and look at them...

That sounds like the best thing to do.

I have the E4 Make warranty voider. Its great. I love the cutters and they have a tip that can be used as pliers. I love it!! I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the E4. It is really tiny.

i was wondering about the tip. so i can use it as pliers if i must... hmmm...