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Keyboard Cat Papercraft Answered

Play anyone off whenever you want with your own li'l keyboard cat. Just print out the document at the link below and put it together. There's even a handy video to show you how!

Tubbypaws via Neatorama


killed some time in my office today....thanks!

what coin should I use on it? a dime perhaps? a penny looks to big. haha

this is sooo cute!

The video reminds me alot of warioware

Nooo not keyboard, swap the keyboard for a printer !!!

skip to 1/2 way through if you are in a rush :)

Cool! L

yay i was wornding if someone would make this and it happend

What an incredibly Japanese site...

There are quite a few interesting models on there - I like the little scenes, and "Ceiling Cat".

Wow... I would never have the patience to make that :)