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Keyboard Modifications Answered

I was just wondering if anyone could help me in thinking of a way of modifying a keyboard so that you could strap it to your back without damaging the keyboard in the process and then put addons onto the strap. The reason I want to do this is because I need something defining for my personality that will show my love of technology, and I also want to take my keyboard with me to places.


There is an instructable for taking the insides out of a keyboard to make your own flexible keyboard here

One of the comments (by Recon506) mentions sewing between the keys to ensure that each key remains distinct.

WHich made me think that you could try sewing a keyboard into something. Clothes would be difficult because (a) you're going to have a large area with reduced flexibility, (b) you'll need to wash them and (c) difficult to use while wearing.

Maybe possible to build a keyboard into the flap on a large bag ? Sandwich the flexible keyboard insides between the layers of fabric - just the lead sticking out.

If it would work (and I haven't convinced myself yet) I'd have a bag with that.

You'll need to indicate the keys so you'll have a bag with a keyboard visible on it.

It's not what you asked for - but I can't think of a good way to carry a normal keyboard without damaging it, looking silly and possibly damaging other people with it (much more rigid than a backpack). What better way to show your love of technology than by building really cool technology into a fashion item ? Better than reducing the technology to being an accessory.

If anyone can tell me whether this would or wouldn't work let me know.
If anyone wants any other crazy ideas ask - I have many.

Victoria J

bump You could just go get a flexible keyboard