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Keyboard Pants Answered

It's a keyboard that has been attached to a pair of pants. This bit of DIY tech allows you to touch yourself in public and get work done at the same time. The pink keys are a nice touch, too. A real fashion statement.

Keyboard Pants via Make blog


whats next? a "cell phone" shirt with screen on sleeve?

Naa...that'd get in the way, remember Nintendo's powerglove....


8 years ago

This would make porn hard, wait....

Eggscelent and pink is SO you!

It certainly makes the keys easier to see :-)

what if u spill hot coffee on your "keyboard" lol owch

IBM Model M + Pants = Bad Idea lmao


9 years ago

it seems like a new fashion style. but the idea is perfect..

perfect for -chan i avoided rules 1 and 2

spelling it out doesn't mean you avoided reveling the site

is it just me or is the person in the picture "appear" like they have been "typing" too long

If only this could be put inside the pockets - no one would know what you were typing? or doing even


You'd look pretty strange,tapping on your pants while looking at the screen.

Rob K

9 years ago

I just find this line weird. Well it could just be my mind.

allows you to touch yourself in public and get work done

keyboard is cool but a WACOM tablet ...now that i could use

i may take a bluetooth keyboard and attach it to my jacket sleeve...

What happens after you wash them? If you cut the board in half you probably cut the coating too.

Something is a bit wrong about the line touching yourself and geting work done at the same time...

Wouldn't want a short in your shorts, unless it is then you have something else to worry about...

Hells Yes, this is sweet, but you gotta rock the bluetooth on the keyboard, so you don't have to plug your pants into your pc.

Kewl !

Er, where is the other end of that USB?

Y'know, I think I've seen these before... I gotta make these.