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Keyboard vacuum using canned air Answered

I'd like to build a little keyboard vaccum that'll suck out the crap that gets under my non-removable Macbook keys.

My idea is that I should be able to just push the straw coming out of a can of compressed air into a *box* with two holes; one suction and one exhaust, but I don't really know what the insides of the box should look like (basically I want to make an air diode).

Any suggestions?


you need to create a venturi effect-basicaly just put the stream of high pressure air inside a larger tube. using an pipe elbow and drilling a small hole for the compressed air is usualy easiest.


The compress air blowing would be much more effective at removing the debris under your keyboard than a vacuum. While passing air pressure across an opening in a tube could produce a weak vacuum, it would be very effective.