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Kickbike Answered

I'm building a kickbike out of two mountain bikes. The goal is to do it without a welding kit. I'll have pics up soon. cheers, Dick Lawless


Looking forward to seeing your kickbike design as well. I ride a kickbike in NYC, New York City, and love it. I am also thinking about coming up with my own design as well.

This links shows the kickbike that I ride.http://kickbiker.com

Thanks, I put a hold on it over the winter, had a great working model, it snapped in two as I had mad a rather large cut in the aluminum frame that ended up worrying itself. Should have a new one in a week or so. cheers, R

Hii..I am replying a bit late...well how did it go??I would also be interested to know how it went on???

Thanks for asking, DeviantGirl. I'm very late!! I'll have pics soon, I used some aluminum tubing and it all came together, but I had drilled some holes to close to some notches and split it. Worked unreal good for a whole day. I have enough tube to reinforce, so I'll build a new one this weekend and post pics next week. Cheers, Richard

Nice! Minor mistakes are all a part of the building process. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress, Dick, so we can all benefit from your tinkering. Good luck this weekend.

Waiting eagerly to see the pics Richard... : )

Is there an update on this, Dick? I'd be interested to see what you've come up with. Good luck on your project.

Yes, there is. Good news and bad. I'll post some pics next week. Thanks for asking. cheers, Richard