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Kickstarter successful! Answered

Sweet! Earlier today my kickstarter project for my calendar hit its goal. Now there are just a few days left before it closes.

Which one? This one.
The Big Picture: a continuous wall calendar for 2013

Thanks to the folks on here who are funding it as well as anyone who ever even just checked it out. And if anyone was on the fence about funding it since it wasn't a sure thing, please give it another look. There's even a stretch goal.

So... damn. This has been an adventure. Actually going into production on a project for the first time ever. This will be cool.



I am so glad! I sent your link to 37 friends with the link to the TED video of doing something for 30 days, I don't think that is what made you make your goal but I am just so happy this happened for you - well and for me too 'cause now I'm going to get a calendar.

Now, I am curious -what is the 30 days video?


Whether it helped or not, thank you very much. To be honest, I don't know what effect that had, but I really appreciate it.

That's a good idea you have about including the link to the 30 days video. I think I'll add that to the main page instead of just the update.