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I have created the Bin-Dex system to better organize standard Akro-Bin parts cabinets.

Bin-Dex is an organizing accessory to index small parts. Connect your small
parts bins into larger trays and create labels from an Open-Source

We are currently gauging interest at https://www.facebook.com/getbindex to understand whether we should pursue a Kickstarter campaign. Any insights, support and/or comments are greatly appreciated.


Just wondering... Haven't these things already been made? What's special/different about these?

Thank you for the reply. Yes, there are a number of different label bars available for various types of storage units. However, the Bin-Dex is the only one that connects two or more bins; grouping the smaller drawers into larger, more easily accessible drawers. In addition, the open-source label templates provide a more intuitive means of organizing via part groupings, colors and icons.

To clarify, this product does not include the case. It is a label accessory that adapts to existing Akro-Mils parts cabinets.

If you have seen a product like this we would certainly be interested in receiving more info. So far our research and patent search has not indicated that this has been done before.

Meet evive: an opensource prototyping "tablet" for makers.
With arduino at heart, it offers a One-Stop solution for all electronics, programming and robotics projects.

See lots of featured projects made using evive at: www.instructables.com/member/evivetoolkit/


Cambridge Makerspace for teens needs an awesome laser cutter so students can build cutting-edge skills and radical products!


Hi everyone!

Maybe you might find interesting AirDog. It is the world's first auto-follow drone for GoPro camera that follows and films you autonomously, so you don’t need to rely on filmmaking crew to get breathtaking views. Forget about remote control operation – Airdog is a unique solution for action sports or anything else you wish to film without actually holding your GoPro.

Have a look at our Kickstarter page: http://bit.ly/KickstartAirDog

It would be awesome if you could support it or spread the word on your websites. Let’s make a revolution in drone-made photos and videos together!

We'll be thrilled to hear from you! If you want to know more, don't hesitate to ask us anything - dita@airdog.com

Best regards,
Dita Team Airdog

AirDog For you.png

Hi... this is my campaign... ^_^

I created a project called "i-mimic the animation made easy..." on Zoomaal.com and looking for your help to raise funds for my project , please check my project link below and if you cannot contribute financially it would be great if you can spread the word about it http://www.zoomaal.com/p/imimicv1

Thank you for your help in making my project a reality.


<img style='width:600px' title="i-mimic the animation made easy..." src="http://www.zoomaal.com/upload/share_images/project_1679.png">

hi everyone how r u my mom justed passaway in haiti school had a school in haiti and not i ttok over but now i need used and free pc please help me

Check out "tiq probe" - launched on Kickstarter April 27th:


tiq is a new kind of high-performance tool for debugging electronic circuits, including projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PCI, AVR etc.

When you're debugging a project, you're usually looking for unexpected behavior, and you probe around the board to find out what's going on. With conventional test equipment this can require multiple pieces of equipment, hooking each up to your target, which often is in a hard to access place, changing ranges and looking away at the equipment displays.

With tiq you can simply probe your circuit and tiq will display detailed logic level, logic pulse and voltage information completely automatically, without range switching or adjustments - and show it all close to the probe tip!


tiq 4-12-14b small.jpg

My idea is to make a lighting system to put on all types of wheelchair's that have to go on the side of the road. I'm in a electric wheelchair and when I go to the store there are places I have to go along the side of the road. And cross real busy streets. I have came so close to being ran over. But I think I I had some kind of lights that blink even blink different colors. I have talk to about sixty people like me and they all say the same thing, if we had some kind of lighting to catch there attention. I don't know I might be just dreaming but I would like to see some kind of lighting for wheelchair's. My email address is nrmstok@yahoo.com. Phone 910-725-0474. But like I said I'm just a disabled person that would like to help keep people like me safe. And so we can get out in our community. I go down the side of the road to the soccer fields to fly RC Helicopter's and that is where I have been almost ran over. I'm off the road but people just get so close to the edge. I have had people fallow me to the fields and yell at me because I was out there. But like I till them what if I was walking are riding a bike. One told me that they can get out of the way I can't. Crazy If you ask me. Thank You for your time.

Check out the fumeFan - launched on Kickstarter. Link: http://kck.st/1htevVX

So you use your soldering iron at your place all the time? The fumeFan can make your life a lot easier. This is a soldering fume extractor, work lamp, and PCB holder. It absorbs fumes from the soldering and also provides you with a LED light for your work. The fan has a variable speed, so you can slow it down when you can’t handle the noise. The fumeFan is USB or 12V DC powered.

The fumeFan comes in four different models, so you can pick the one that offers features that are right for you. Like it? Please support it on Kickstarter.


We launched Solarpad, the outdoor solar USB charger, on Kickstarter! It attaches to bicycles, backpacks, and tripods! You can click this link to back us and tell us what you think:


There is also an instructable project based on Solarpad for a solar powered soldering station:


Please share and help spread the word! Thanks!


Kickstarter icon4.jpg2014-02-14 21.04.48.png20131218_142858.png

Sounds cool! Good luck with the Kickstarter and thanks for sharing the Instructables :D

Hi everyone

I wanted to share that I launched on Kickstarter early this month

I have been a member of instructables for a few years

For this project I did a art piece that has moving gears inside a I-beam.

this is made out of wood that is faux finished to look like rusty steel

please take a look and share with your friends please let me know what you think






Support FuneLab: I just launched one of my projects on Indiegogo, it is a Kit and Complete version. I really want to have a successful Indiegogo, so the whole funding goal is only $2.500. Check it out and tell your friends!

We need your support
Thank you very much!


Thank you so much for this amazing resource. We have just went live on KickStarter with the first universal 3d printer cabinet...no more warped prints, accidental bumps or people messing with your work. Big enough to store a printer and your supplies. Available in three great finishes!!! Thank You So Much!


Hi all,
We've designed an easy to assemble 3D printer for all ages with or without technical background.
First 3d printer that can be assembled without fasteners. Modular Design, Customizable, Large build volume, Stand Alone.

Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1970256921/the-snap3d-printer


Teaching K-12 students to build

Hi all,

We have launched our indiegogo page today (http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-tech-elective ) to start a program that will focus on teaching k-12 students how to design, build and program micro-controller related projects. All support and suggestions are welcomed. Check it out, hope you like it.


My name is Ben Rothschild, I am a high school senior and I love to build electronics! I recently built a shield (PCB) to program ATtiny chips with either an Arduino Board or AVR Programmer.  I have started a Kickstarter that is now live: 


I have also put together an Instructables to explain the shield:


Any support or publicity that you can give the Kickstarter would be greatly appreciated!



My name is Cindy Ng, and I wanted to share my latest Kickstarter project "Dream Car" - a minimal, sustainable and collectible toy for playful kids and adults. Here's the link:

Start building your own dream car with the interchangeable car bodies, patented magnetic snaps and chalkboard painted surface. Handcrafted from natural walnut, beech and poplar wood, not only is the heirloom quality passed on from generation to generation, but more importantly, the story is also passed on.

Please help spread the word if you like this project! I really appreciate it!


dream car 30.jpg

5 years ago

We've started 'Solar for Sandy' on Indiegogo - provide solar emergency generators to those hit hard by Super Storm Sandy.  Yours truly explains it in the video - with a direct link to Indiegogo.

You make a difference - together, we make things better.  Let's get this done!  Thank you.

New Perk added! Solar has never been easier! PreviewHere.

Only 30 days left of Solar for Sandy - make a difference.  Thank you! 

Blinky Fish -

Hi, I just launched this instructable as a kickstarter project.  It is a little board, shaped like a fish, that goes on an Arduino.  It is for learning -  blink the lights, push the button!




I got some great advice from an instructables member -- I have now been able to off 3 of these in one kit. THANKS!

That's fantastic! Did they find you through this page?

The comment was pretty much -- "get a better price for your circuit boards" (there were curse words so I think it got filtered out)

The manufacturer will very likely be https://www.goldphoenixpcb.com/ -- it is a Chinese company but I think I have been talking to an engineer in Canada.

This is the shop used by BatchPCB.com -- which is a service from SparkFun that combines small orders for better prices.


5 years ago


  My name is Constance Kang. I am an inspirational designer from New York and the funder of MOÉ by KANG. (And also a fan + reader of your site). We are running a creative, unique project on kickstarter-- MOÉ by KANG:Revolution for humans and pets, made in NYC -- it is a challenging fashion project that will change the way people view fashion, pets, and lifestyle.

  We want to create some positive impacts, and we think this project is something that you and your readers would appreciate. Check it out if you have a second and please let me know what you think.

I hope you can join the journey with me,
Constance Kang
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Hey Instructables!

Check out my Kickstarter for a new interactive DIY web show called "The New How-To" where people send in ideas and have them made by me in comedic fashion. Also robots. I've been a long time member and would love to have the support of the community. Thanks for always being a major source of inspiration!



5 years ago

Do you have to have a Prototype to help fund your Project?

Hi There! I have launched a Kickstarter to fund a woodworking webseries that is both informational and hilarious. It's called "Would You Woodwork?" I'd love it if instructables could help me promote it. I have published a few 'ibles and have enjoyed everyone's support and enthusiasm. Thank you so much for your consideration.


C.C. Boyce
Few BIts