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Killerk copies Answered

Are all killerk copies really killerk copies? most people have never even heard of him. does that mean every tube, block trigger list type gun is a copy? most people would say yes, others would say no and the rest would not even care. so are they really that bad, because I've seen some killerk copies that are better than killerks . Are all knex guns that bad?


No, But killerks gun is the best of the simple guns. Not perticularly killerk copies, more just really, really simple done before guns are what bother me.

no actually, I have seen some tat are better than killerks.

yes, but the thing is, most people just look at them and say they suck!I mean, how can they tell if its better?

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Im the people that just dont care, and most of the "copies" aren't the same since they dont have the black ball joint in the front of the barrel, which make's kilerk's stronger.


10 years ago

i would say some are coppys others are people who cant be creative enough to make a true trigger, or just lazy. as for they bad... well some are some are not. but i have to say sure i dont exactly like a million coppys of his gun but hey doesnt bother me to just as long as they dont go on my instructables and go "i realy like this! now come see my awsome killerk coppy that is beter then his!!!!!!!!" cause thats spam, i dont know anyone that does not hate spam.