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Kindle Paperwhite? Answered

I have reached the password portion. I am not a technical person. I need to connect to wi-fi--what password do I need?



Look on the back or bottom of your wifi router. There should be a key or password that will allow your kindle to connect via wifi.

Make sure that the name of the wifi signal you are trying to connect to matches the name also printed on the wifi router.

If it's not a free and open Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi connection you own then you won't be able to access it. If your at a coffee shop or some other place that is offering the Wi-Fi ask for the password. If you are just trying to jump onto a locked down Wi-Fi signal you have found then your out of luck. If you manage to get in you are stealing someone's internet access.

I recommend you read with care the kindle user guide that came with your Kindle - Not the brief paper version but the one already loaded onto your kindle.

You can also learn a lot by looking at the Amazon site and asking questions in their Kindle forum.

Essentially your need:

1. An amazon account - To get one you need to access their web site from a PC - If you haven't got one try your local library.

2. A wifi access point - If you don't have a wifif router at home so you can access the internet then you need to visit somewhere that has. An internet Cafe, Starbucks, Many other coffee shops, your local library. You may need to ask them for a password to access the system - this will be a long string of letter and /or numbers.

3. Once you have these together you need to register your kindle with your amazon account. then you can buy or download books.