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Kite-Biking? Street Luge Meets Kite Boarding Meets Tricycles Answered

(WARNING: If I or anyone else should try this or try to recreate the idea in any way, please be safe, wear full body racing gear Like for motorcycles and such. If I do this I will definitely try to be as safe as possible.)

Okay so I was fooling around on the net and ran into Turbo Pro Tricycles.


They have a Demo Video that's about 20mb if you'd like to see some action with it.

Anyway, as soon as I SAW the Trikes, I was thinking EXTREME. Basically the bikes steer like Luge boards, except you pedal them to make them go, not gravity. Well The bikes have a 'Free' gear which is used for coasting, and I was thinking with some modding, This could be an ATV or street beast (Permitted that these would be allowed in your area). Just add a Kite and steering system with the mandatory trike mods to follow (A list at the bottom) and you'd have a new (I hope) extreme sport 'KiteTriking'.

I'd keep the pedals functional if possible so that when not skirting around on Kite-power you can pedal around. Although a completely other idea might be to try to motorize it electrically. (someone come up with a concept?)

The mod list would most likely have to include:

Some appropriately sized metal alloy wheels with racing or All-terrain tires to match.
A reinforced chain or complete replacement.
Brake replacements or modding to make them more efficient.
Adding an Emergency Break.
Reinforcing the frame.
Changing the seat to a more sturdy, ergonomic one.
And changing the pedals to aluminum ones.
Kite mounting and emergency release mechanism.
Some sort of rear storage space.



10 years ago

this is sweet i think i could make one


10 years ago

Nice! looks like I could build one for not much. Hope you actually do this.


10 years ago

There are realKiteBikes available (that is just one example).

And as far back as 1909 ...