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Ancient History: Kite bombs Answered

From the article:   We investigate the kite bömb - a never before built medieval siege weapön that dropped bómbs from a kite over cities. We build one and test it with startling new insights and success.

We investigate ancient bouncing bõmbs that actually skip across water - ...

Source of article.    I saw this on the Ancient Discoveries. Over the weekend I believe, on TV.
The key to stability was a long tail......

Here is a source of information given to me by Kiteman,  concerning the Ancient Kite Bómbs (arial attacks before the airplane or balloon).  


Have you heard of the dam busters? It was a particular type of bomb that skipped along water under an anti bomb net thingo, once it hit the wall the spinning action would send it down till it got to a certain depth and the pressure of the water would set it off. Truly amazing stuff.

Ooh, found it.

Yes apparently they got the idea for that from these Ancient canon shooters that did the same thing long before we had flight capability.
Its even cooler (I think) that many things we use now were done long ago...

Like the Blogs of Moses!

The extant documents are, however, in disrepute at the moment, since they purport Moses as having predicted the success of Enron.

It is also unclear whether Moses used the Ark of the Covenant as a computer (It would have had 20 Hz processing power -- you read that correctly, twenty hertz), or whether Aaron custom-ordered one from Dell.

It contains the first instance of the term "OMG," being used to begin a prayer.

Blogs of Moses, for purified eyes only

Aren't    you read that correctly, twenty hertz),
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The same thing? 

That is still a huge debate among scholars of pseudepigrapha today. I take the stance that, no, it isn't necessarily the same thing.

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 I love the technology used in ancient China, with explosives and stuff.

An intriguing part of history.

Especially the "rock skipping" application.

darn, the link has been replaced :-(

That PDF was really interesting. :D

The TV show I am referring to, showed them doing much the same thing, only long before flight.  Using cannon located along the shore line, they could skip the canon balls along the water line and easily sink ship at quite a distance, without having to judge the lob of the canon ball.  Just aim straight at and shoot.

I don't know if this will be shown in the UK, but I'll try and keep an eye out for it.

I was also intrigued by the "mortar skipping" they showed on the same episode. 
Leveling a canon to near sea level, gave them the ability to just shoot in the direction of a target ship, without worrying whether a LOB would come down in the right place or not.   As long as the mortar had enough energy to reach the target, it would hit and explode at close to the water level;  sinking the ship.

And I thought I had this post. : (

It's a great movie, have you watched it?

Yes, they actually mentioned that they were probably inspired by this ancient practice (although the ancients used canons anchored on the shore line)  :-) 

I remember showing my buds when I was younger, that I could skip any palm sized or smaller stone they could find.    

This just means I wasn't the first to know one can skip round objects across the water LOL