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Kiteman, I would never expect this from you! Answered

I've seen DJ Radio, Keith Kid, and GorrilazMiko up to these shenanigans, but Kiteman?? Honestly, now.

Thoughts, my fellow Iblians?


(removed by a hobo's request)


I've done that before, accidently, and no one noticed....

LOL, I've done that before. On my other account I mean.

hmm, we shall narrow it down. BTW, who are you, and why do you keep harassing me?

Ok, not exactly harrasing, just bothering me. If you are one of my friends, Im ok with it though.

In public, you have only posted three comments - two here, one on DJ's Orangeboard. I wouldn't classify that as "harassment" exactly, but it is suspicious that the post said "You know me". Have you been PMing DJ, or talking to / about him in the chatroom? And, as DJ asked - what was your "other account"?

Some of us more active members, can easily fill up the board like this, what with replied comments, and new topics.

Some of us more active members

Oh-ho! I see how it is now! Just because I'm not on here as often as I used to be blah blah blah rant rant etc.

(Jk. And also, I the topic is a joke. I knew Kiteman wasn't intending to flood the board.)

I was joking also... Me and kiteman are part of the elite though... Those which people look upto.

Hey, does that mean we can look down on them?

(Practices Kenneth Williams impression)

There are 2 people. Both people look down on the other person. Who is the lower of the 2? And i was thinking about this for a few months now.

Ah, this sounds like the Paradox of the geeks hierarchy.

haha, I actually came to the conclusion that they were on the same level, but were hallucinating and seeing who they look down on below them.

They COULD be using optics to get the same effect ;-)

Hey, i already do! Join the People And Robots Who Look Down On Others Whom Are Not Part Of The Inner Sanctum Call it PARWLDOOWANPOTS for short.

I refuse to join! And I suspect TPTB will also.

How about we set up a group about flaming piggish males?

Uh, my group is not elitist, it's standing up to dummies.

So it's elitist then? And... what happened to your face??

Elitist, adj. 1: leadership or rule by an elite 2: the selectivity of the elite ; especially : snobbery 3: consciousness of being or belonging to an elite None of which applies to standing up to sexual harassment. Haha. There was a horrible, horrible accident. :-P

maybe she has become an iconoclast?

Perhaps she's just researching a new iconography...

Ha, you can't fool me! That's what a Geordie mother shouts when she wants her son, Paul, to wash the dishes!

haha! nice one.. You see through my trick..

That's just because you're tall. Psst, Jake, you've got a bat in your belfry!