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Kiteman can be bought! Answered

Remember I "mentioned" my CafePress shop?

Following comments on that announcement, and thanks to the personal generosity of Gmjhowe (who created the latest incarnation of my usual avatar), you can now buy me!

There is a ridiculously wide range of items, from jewellery to Christmas stockings, as well as the usual range of tee shirts, stickers, pin badges etc, all featuring yours truly.

OK, so it's a vanity thing, but I've got to say they look quite good...

(As ever, if there's a product you would like to see, even if it's just a tweak of an existing product, then let me know by a comment here or by PM.)


you should have captions or a thing Subway has Subway (eat fresh) (The nerdy instructable guy) something like that would be cool

The thing bhanon815 said is a "catch cry" or a "catch phrase".

Oh... I've never heard it called a catch cry. Makes sense, though.

Hmm... To be honest, CafePress has been a failure - I've had the shop for several years, but have yet to make enough sales to actually be paid by the site!

If you'd like true Kiteman memorabilia, try my Etsy shop instead, where I sell some of my Instructables.

Just wondering, are you able to see how many people bought a particular item? Has anyone bought this yet?

(hopefully the glitch wont happen again:))

I just made a sale!!! The customer was apparently "Cafepress on behalf of Amazon", and they bought a Heed t shirt.

I'm now almost half way to actually getting some money back from the scheme!

I can get sales reports on every item, but nobody has bought any "Kiteman" products, because I only put them on the market today.

Speaking of glitches, this is the second attempt to post this - the first just vanished.

Wait, I thought NachoMahma grossed everyone out trying to buy Kiteman boxers...

It would have been better if he'd waited until I took them off...

Really? I should think that would make it worse...

At least I would have had a head start.

And no wedgie... ouch!

Ah, ok

And that is odd, another glitch?!

It's an old, persistent bug. I have no idea why it hasn't been fixed.

I guess they can't replicate it enough to get useful data from it?

It might be that the servers have two comments posted at the same time and it cant tell what to do?

I lack the code-monkey genes to know that.

Well done sir, well done.

I stared and stared waiting for the picture to turn red or pop up a screamer or something. :D

(And what's with everyone suddenly replying to weeks-old comments? 0_o)

:-) I remember balancing the pens in the pocket, I guess the orange background is new though ...

the picture in my post was the one I created (moved the original pens over towards the center, as any good Geek would do LOL ).

If your ever in court you can say that you were framed (lame joke I know). Any chance of you getting the 2012 calendar up before 2012?


Right, I've had an answer from Cafe Press: the new year's calenders usually come out around October.

I can't see an option for selecting the year - I'm now waiting for a reply from the CafePress help service, I'll get back to you as soon as I know.

and no commemorative Kiteman coat hooks?



I've been noodling the idea of starting an Etsy shop to sell copies of a few of my ibles...

Hmmm, that would look, um interesting on a "kite" :-)

I keep meaning to create a "Kiteman kite", and have even drawn up several templates.

Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll have time to actually finish one...

I was thinking about it myself, but I haven't had the time to even plan on it (lacking proper kitemaking skills) :-)

There's no real trick to it - wide kites have more lift, longer kites are more stable, and remember to keep it symmetrical.

You can be bought?! For how much?
Just kidding, cool way to support yourself!
(Just wondering how much profit do you make off of it though?)

Mostly just a couple of dollars per item (more on the multi-packs), but some items (like one of the hats) I only make a few cents per sale.

This could be a prize of a contest :D

Well, HQ are just as welcome to buy them as anybody else.

In fact, there are special bulk-purchase prices...

Sweet! How do you design your pictures for your products?

The avatar was drawn for me by gmjhowe, but the others are mainly drawn "over" photos of my projects. I used to use CorelDraw, but switched to Inkscape to draw outlines, with colour and shading added afterwards with a very old copy of Adobe Photoshop Essentials.

Thanks! Maybe to save for my trip to Africa, I could open my own CafePress shop! :)

Don't bank on it being a money-spinner, I have made a total of $9.60 in well over a year's trading.

:) Well, at least it's something.