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Kiting injuries today at work Answered

Don't expect any website updates in the next 12 hours, Rachel and I both drew blood while kite-buggying in the parking lot this afternoon. OK, the injuries are pretty minor in the scheme of things, I just wanted to brag that we went kiting during work, at work. Previously, I've always had to leave work to kite.

We didn't take any pictures while actually out there, so I've included another image from my archive to show what it should look like. A sandy beach probably would have been a lot smarter than concrete. Oh well, I should probably order Instructables-team helmets.


Not to detract from your post.... but was that buggy made in house? Doesn't look too bad - but sand definitely wouldn't have been as bad :/

The buggy in the hallway is a production Flexifoil model. The buggy in the beach shot was a home built. You can see it without its wheels here: https://www.instructables.com/id/E7IJFCD8UMEQZJI21G/

Honestly, I'm glad I was riding the Flexifoil yesterday, because the homemade one is covered in sharp edges. The injuries all resulted jibing under too much power and flipping out of the buggy, often with it on top of me.

Oh Man I can't wait to make my NPW9. Just a little 3.0 M2.


11 years ago