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K'nex .... It's just a Phase ........ Answered

Don't you agree Knex is just a phase. Its like when most people come on Instructables, the majority of the younger half of the community on here come across the site because of K'nex Guns. I'm not saying thats a bad thing, but you will eventually get bored of homemade guns that are made of plastic that shoot about 60 feet max. Trust me anyone saying that their/ or a particular model can shoot ranges of up to 200 or 300 feet is BullSh*ting. And also the originality of the guns posted on this site is terrible. You will get like the same type of gun or mechanism or whatever, posted more than a hundred times. However there are some "original" K'nex models or guns that get uploaded onto Instructables , and for the very few that do I praise the designers! Also I find the majority of the knex "clan" have appalling spelling. I mean for God Sakes there is a SpellChecker! The Knexers on this site either grow out of knex and move on to the better builds, or just stop using this site all together. There are very few "older ones" that stay and do knex. Anyway there's my 2 cents. The K'nex Clan is dying. I assure you, you will grow out of knex! I have and yay! I have become a "normie". There are many other great builds on instructables to enjoy.


I don't find K'NEX a phase. I find it a hobby and a mental stimulant. I'm 14 going on 15 and I'll never quit building with K'NEX!!

Knex sucks! I make my stuff out of metal or wood (sometimes glass)

I got wood! Now I just need to find some metal scrap from somewhere

um, most of the good knex gunners have moved to KI.

I thought that site died before it really got anywhere. Anyways about the topic...there is going to be a new generation of knexers. There will be new people who find knex interesting and pick up where we left off when we leave but honestly...there are a lot of adults who've made very fantastic guns and so obviously it's not completely a kid's phase. Also we or at least I do any way don't see knex as a toy that we can use to shoot things but as something to express our creativity and to see what we are capable of creating but taking out more of the annoying constructions factors out.

I didn't say it was a "kid's phase".

but its part of what you ment all in all. Most "phases" happen during childhood and teen years because we are experimenting and maturing. During adulthood anything is pretty much considered a phase by your standard. Things your interested in come and go while knex is one of them to some people its a big hobby like stamp collecting and when you get good at it your not likly to stop.

why shouldn't he(or she not judging) be on this site

He's referring to COPPA, a piece of legislation instructables complies with that includes requiring members to be 13 years or older.

oh i didn't know that sorry i thought there wasn't an age limit

Really quiet? Its near Dead lol.

probably because no one cares about knex guns.

yeah that's what I thought. It's dead pretty much. So would anyone be interested in joining mine? I'm starting a forum with a friend dedicated to Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart mainly but I will also hold an entire section to knex also but I won't bother if I know no one would come. Otherwise tell me how many of you are interested in finally getting a good knex site up and who would be willing to join.

well honestly the site itself is hosted BUT the Forum is using phpBB3 and not hosted by anyone just uploaded by file. The site also appears to be mainly with coding and is nothing cheesy at all. In other words it's pretty much almost like a payed site except without pay...

Whatever site it is if i'ts to do with K'nex and you have to pay....DON'T create it. You will probally get a month if that, of trafic and then it will become "dead". Waste of money then wouldn't it be.

i'm not paying for anything...all free.

You see the point I made about appalling spelling. You are the perfect example!

No, my spelling is a lot better now. It wasn't my spelling exactly, but my typing. I used to hit random keys by mistake.

Totally dude. K'nex is teh sux....

it would be better if they built stuff like a jenga pistol

It was a phase for me. Now I use this site for more than just k'nex. Ive been here for over a year now. I observe more than join in. So yes I'm done with K'nex. A lot of you don't even remember me. I've been here, I just don't say anything.

"If the material is inspiring and motivates you, then it doesn't really matter what it is" -Don Johnson QFT

1. Knex will never die. If there were no 30-year old knexers, knex wouldnt exist. 2. I started knex just last year, and ive never grown tired of it. 3. Most of my friends like knex, and they are older than I am.

hey, I only have been knexing for 6 months, not years. I made my first knex object July of last year.

Who are you to call someone sad because he has a hobby? Just because you've grown bored of K'nex so quickly doesn't mean that other people should. I've been building with K'nex again for the past 2 years, and while I find less time to work on stuff then I used to in the beginning, I haven't grown tired of it yet and I'm currently 15¾ years old. Does that make me sad too? Sure, eventually we will al get bored of K'nex or we'll be too busy to build anything and stop. So in that respect, it is a 'phase'. But judging someone because he stays in that 'phase' longer then you have is pathetic and immature.


10 years ago

'But I don't make knex guns, i make knex crossbows' :P But yes i agree with what you said, I feel like i am too old for knex(17) but still I feel I have to get more distance with every crossbow I make. Also I don't feel comfortable taking these massive things with me outside, just because it looks very odd :o

i am kinda ashamed that people think knex are for babies i don't like to talk about it in public but on here i feel at home in a sense and when i talk about with friends first they make fun of me then when the see all the crap i make they are amazed at it but people just dont under stand