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Knex ATV Answered

my entry for kNeXFreek's challenge.

It has suspension for all 4 wheels and I think that it looks awsome. 


It took about an hour to make, tell me what you think


np when i judge, i will overlook that part. i will judge as if it has the correct wheels on it

Looks good LB. Make the steering wheel function though!

 I think you got the contest won.  Good job.

 No sorry I'm almost out of pieces-you're gonna love my new gun though.

what knex gun builder says
and you should make it 10times bigger :P

there is no way that I'd have the parts for that, I'll get more pics and make a slideshow.


8 years ago

I looked at this and thought "Well... I'm gonna lose xD"

 dude please still enter!! you could get 2nd or third place!! or maybe even first place, but this is pretty awesome so...  it would take alot of work to beat this

Yeah haha I am still going to enter.
But this SUCKS! I only have two tires that are small and not four :(
I guess the two front gears will be gears...
Ah well I how many can we enter? and if I submit this one that I already made, can I change it out if I make a new one?

 enter a bunch if ya want!! also in your comment say that you only have Xnumber of wheels and i wont care. as long as i can see that 2 more wheels can be put on. :

sweet....so i have to make like a forum about it?


8 years ago

best atv ever! 5*


8 years ago

Very, very nice. It'd be about a thousand times cooler if the handle bars functioned though.

thanks, I can't make it steer because of the suspension that I used. It would be cool though.

 Holy crap!!! thats awesome!!!! dude this thing owns XD
man o man that thing is nice!!
it is now entered!! also, can you put the big tires on it?
keep the wheels, but get the bigger tires!!!!! 
5 stars and a fave!!!!

don't have the big tires ='( I tried trekker tires but I couldn't find 1 of them.

 oh wait, i just realized that i cant fave a forum topic    LOL

I'll post a slideshow with more pics if you want.... What are my chances of winning?

 so far, i have no idea because nobody else has posted their atv yet. but yours looks pretty sick and i know it will be hard to beat. Also, do u have skype? cause i wanna show u my knex atv. (yea, i made on too lol!)

 well if you make me one lol! im too lazy, and right now it is 11:30 at nigt so... i gotta go to bed!! LOL

 use my email adress: knexfreek@gmail.com


8 years ago

wow... i dont think i will enter anymore lol no chance for me..

blech! lol

i know i wouldnt even place though (too many cool peoplez on here)

and i dont really feel like building one ;p

That's really cool! I like the suspension.