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Knex Ak-74- Updated Answered

it shoots from the bottom barrel, true trigger, and its a little bit weaker than the dragunov but still can pierce cardboard all the way through with gray rods. now i need some advice, what kind of stock should i use, one of those fold-able ones or just the regular ones or the one that looks like the one i have on the dragunov


i dont like clips since if you want a clip it has to be either white rod or some kind of connect, but i like using grey/red rods so yeah

it could be, but unless you have knex wars theres no point in mags/clips

I still find it fun for showing off and when I test out the gun I prefer to only need to cock the gun instead of manually loading it each time. By the way I love the gun! You certaintly at least have a good match if not better than mine. If you do decide to help out with the AK-107 I can take care of the magazine.

sure ill help with the ak-107 i have nothing better to do when do we start

now. I'm working on it at the moment. I'm going to try to get a base design down first and then I'll upload it for everyone who's helping. Then we edit it to make it better.

Rods for sure. It will probably be a true or fake bolt action. Dsman and I (for heavens sake would people use proper grammar like I just did?) will be working on a magazine and upper receiver that uses rods with spacers/pen tubes that will eject from the side when the gun is being recocked and the slide opened

it shoots from the bottom barrel oh sure now you're indirectly referencing my gun. Well it looks better in some sections. I still hope you'll help us in making the AK-107 or I guess we could make an AK-74 again it's just there are already AK-47s and AK-74s it would be better to be original...

it shoots form the bottom barrel is refering to the dragunov since the dragunov shoots on the top..

Ah. Well the dragunov was awesome so this should be even better. That is if you can put in a work magazine...


10 years ago

I like it, looks really authentic. Looks more like an AK-47u with no stock but i prefer it. Maybe a longer cartridge is all i can say.

Try to use this stock:


and YES i took the picture in the bathroom cause it has better light!