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Knex Amory Answered

hey guys. Why wont anyone join my group Knex Armory? I mean, its my 1st group and all, so i just wanted a few knex freaks like myself to join. PLS comment & join.


You must not have a lot of pieces, for you didn't finish the SR-4, and did you really make Gorkem's, cause you have the pic from the movie

Enlighten me as to where you can see that he didn't have enough pieces to finish the morretti.

how do I join !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's this group about?

it's about all knex guns, grenades, bows, crossbows, cannons, mines, and any other type of weapon.


10 years ago

Ah, yes. The Morretti. I have it, and love it. I could never get Gorkems sniper to work though. And I'm an experienced builder, even if I say so myself. Dual Winona's are pretty useless as they're single shot. And grenades I never liked =D

I currently have the Morretti, the pereira pistol, Killerk's pistol, my custom made paper wasp gun ( seach for knex, and then click recent to see what it is ), my half broken up semi-auto gun, Oodalumps semi-auto, Perfect Duck's Red Impact and dual pistols, and the Gnasher shotgun RBG.

I might have some more half guns laying around. I don't use most of them, but I'm just too lazy to break them down if I don't need the parts.