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Knex Arm Blade Answered

Here's a thing I made because I was bored


Cool! 4.5


9 years ago

posterdoodle dee!!!

Nice! That is hardcore sweet!

Yeah, it uses a lot of orange connectors though.

People with a very little amount orange connectors?

You don't seem to be lacking in purple 3Ds or yellow 5-slots either! *Coughs in direction of cannon*

But a lot of people though, I didn't use to have that many until I got some new K'nex, and now I'm still breaking one every few weeks because I always use them in magazines and the liking ( things that tend to explode catastrophically sometimes ). The problem I have with some things is that I only have 4 grey bendy rods.

if you could add a small pistol onto that i would love you better than when trauts makes a drum mag for his tommy


9 years ago

oooooo, i like this:)

That's awesome, try making the blade longer..........

I can't, it has to have the arm thingy to support it and I can't make the arm thing longer.