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Knex Atlantis: Update 1 Answered

Here is Atlantis, my knex ball machine. This machine has new layouts and designs not yet seen in ball machines of its size. Atlantis will only have one lift and four paths, this ball machine is mainly made for its looks. This ball machine is built on a 5X5 red rod base with 5X5 red rod walls that are slanted.
This machine has two finished paths, one is almost complete, and one that has not been started. Some of the elements can be seen from the pictures.
Im currently out of pieces, and wont be getting more for a long time, so Atlantis may not be standing for long.
This ball machine has been in progress for months now. Tell me what you think!


Do you still do knex? If not, can I buy your knex? Thanks!

You're making a ball machine?!?! Sweet :D Much respect, well done, looks awesome so far! I love how it is so compact. Looks portable too.

Amazing so far!! :-)

Oh :p That's a shame :-( It looked amazing, so much potential. Great job BM still.

Thanks for showing me this Corgi!

I like it! I don't see why you won't post it in the contest, you could win something very easily.

That's a nice machine! Great work on the looks, very filled up that's nice to see.

That looks great, I'm especially liking the tight track turns and the way the balls exit the lift. Also, good use of the Big Air Ball Tower basket piece.

Great work Mullet, could be a potential winner in the contest