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Knex B.M.P. 41 Mk1 (Bullpup Machine Pistol) Answered

This is my new idea of a bullpup machine pistol. It is really cool looking and awesome. But sadly it jams up whenever you try to fire it; let alone load it. If anyone can make this from the pics, and not make it jam up; show or tell me =D


It jams because it's bullpup and has an angled mag. Have you not read the KI performance guide?

Ive read it and thats why I dismantled this prototype =D Besides, this thing looks terrible anyway.


7 years ago

Not bad, but have you ever read this?
Read it, and you can improve your guns! You're getting better..

Ive checked it out a couple times; and sometimes it does actually help me =D And you have won the ****1,600th commentor award**** XD You also win a Mossberg 590 Police and a G11 =D Have some fun XD


whuuuut I've also wun the 1,500th one not very long ago=O you've too many comments"D

You might win it a 3rd time if you keep commenting XD

lol now you wanna make me reply 100 times to this comment=P

Im working on a Bolt Action version of the R.C.P. Mk5 which will be posted today XD


7 years ago


Yup =D It looks good but shoots horridly =(

You would have to ask Shadowman39 or Sorunome that =) But I would say include a unique lift of some sort.

I might add a pic of a drawing of what this was supposed to look like =D

I see nobody has posted yet =D