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K'nex Ball Machines Answered

I've noticed that there has been a recent rise of ball machines being made by the k'nexers. I think this is great. I personally love ball machines and have made 4 of them. I am currently working on a 5th one which is approximately 170 cm. or 67 inches tall. It has 4 paths so far. Comment if you are currently building or planning a ball machine.


I'm working on a ball machine called Cataclysm. I'm almost finished with the main lift system.


This lift is long gone. In fact, that comment was the first ever comment I posted on Ibles!

Wow, you should make the car go down a runway back to the start so it can pick the balls up again without hassle.

blimey! and i thought wipeout was good. anyway i'm currently planning on building my own. gonna start when this lot of knex comes i bought from ebay =]
£27.70 (postage included) for 1200 pieces + case

Alot more then that takes up. Right now I have that bm built, knexsayer, my ak, adamsdead shotgun, my lancer, my torque bow and about 2k pieces left over. Old video of stuff -

I saw that video. I Really wan to be able to keep the creations i make

project dos from me

I am making one right now. I am currently working on the second path

i am trying to build a ball machine but i dont have much of an idea on how to build one....... i dont have a chain so i am making it that you just put the ball in from the top. i am hopefully getting some more peices soon so i will have less peice limitations

ok....this is what i have made so far. it uses a custom chain

Rubberband Placement 002.jpgRubberband Placement 003.jpgRubberband Placement 004.jpg

I will be posting another ball machine sometime soon (and possibly an Instructable if I'm in the mood to terrorize Trainman) once I take apart Glacier (Found here). I'm planning on making it a vamped-up Loopin' Lizard. But first, I have to get through something else--Final exams.

If I had the pieces I would have made a ball machine by now. I used to love real ball machines of sorts when I was a kid. I always wanted to get that one knex set but it was just too much at the time.

I think it was whatever the ball tower one was. Was supposed to be as tall as...I don't remember but it was tall.

Built this today.

I LOVE the use of the flexi rods, thats awesome! Any chance you could post it?

Well I already expanded it, im sure you could build it from the video, it's very simple.


9 years ago

I has one :) Gonna make another one soon.


ya btw: wats on the table in the background?

I don't have enough pieces..... But I do have a roller coaster.